Monday, October 15, 2012

Witchful Thinking (A Falloween Color by Enchanted Polish

One of my favorite Indie polish shops is Enchanted Polish.  They have created one of the most outstanding Collections.  It's named Falloween for the Fall and Halloween season.  Each polish in this collection is just a little prettier than the last.  However, to be true, they are all outstandingly gorgeous in all the glory of their super shinny glitterness.

The one that I am showcasing today is Witchful Thinking.    She has a clear base with  pink, gold and brown glitter flowing throughout.  As I am a pink lover, there was not a thing about this polish that I did not love.  The glitter in it is sparkling hot!

I applied two coats of Jane Eyre by a England.  This polish is the supreme of glorious shimmer.  For some reason I was in such a hurry to complete my swatching that I completely forgot to take pictures of Jane Eyre.  I just jumped to the next step of layering Witchful Thinking.  I ended up appling two coats of Witchful Thinking just because I love glitter.  You could easily get away with only one coat.

Here is a gorgeous Witch.  We have to watch her because she has Witchful Thinking!

 As usual I love showing you a little rear view!

Awwww, now check out this close up.  You can see all her glorious pink glitters

This is such a stunningly sparkle that my camera cannot do her justice!

I'm going to start investigating cameras to see which ones are for this type of precise shooting!
You do have to agree with me when I say she is just super unique!

 Did you know that Pink is for Patty?

It was so cloudy and rainy when I took these pictures.  I tried to pick up as much light as I could.

 However a couple of my pictures appear darker than what I like!

 Here's a three finger salute!

I am holding the Jane Eyre by a England bottle.

I wanted to give a England something since I forgot my photos!

This Witch is a lady.  She is all dressed out in her pink glitter!  LOVE IT!

You can purchase Witchful Thinking and others that are in Enchanted Polish Falloween Collection at
Llarowe, her shop is HERE.
Her Facebook page is HERE.

You can also purchase Enchanted Polish at Allover Beauty.  Her shop is HERE.
Her Facebook page is HERE.

Also, I believe you can purchase polish direct from Enchanted Polish.  Their Etsy shop is HERE.
Their Facebook page is HERE.

I hope your day and night are filled with glorious witchy pink glitter!

♥  Patty


  1. I love the comments you always have about your bottle shots. They never fail to make me smile and sometimes outright giggle. :0) Keep up the great work!

    1. Oh, thank you. :) I'm glad you enjoy my humor!!