Friday, October 19, 2012

Once Upon A Time from the Hall-o-Whimsey Collection by Whimsical Creations by Pam!

 Once Upon A Time there was a girl by the name of Pam.  She loved to make the most wonderful Whimsical Creations.  Pam and her partner in crime, Kismet worked together to create stunningly beautiful nail polishes.  Pam invented the magic potions and Kismet...well, Kismet ate the ribbons.  All-in all they made a very good team.

Polish lovers from all over would come to Pam for her gorgeous glitter potions.  Everyone loved and appreciated her works of art.

The time was nearing to the Hall-o-Whimsey season.  Miss Pam discussed with Kismet what she thought she would make to delight all the dancing fingernails that needed to be painted for this festive time of the year.  Miss Pam went straight to her creating corner of her castle and brought back three magical polishes.  Their names were Boo, Wicked and Once Upon A Time.  Everyone who looked upon these magical polishes were given a gift.  What gift you ask?  Why it's to live happily ever after!!

Today, I'm going to show you Once Upon A Time!

This magical polish has a clear base with glitters of light green and lavender.  This bottle is filled to the brim with these glorious glitters.  If you look real close, you can see the light green chasing the lavender all around in the bottle.

I selected Naughty and Nice by Orly Nail Lacquer as a base polish.  This polish is a very deep blackened plum.  I applied two coats of Naughty and Nice and then layered one coat of Once Upon A Time over it.  Then one coat of Poshe topcoat.  This was a fun manicure!!

 Once Upon A Time there was a polish who's name was Naughty and Nice by Orly!

 She loved to twirl and show off her rear view...shame on her!

She always wore her name tag.  She was afraid people would forget her name!

 She did love her closeups, especially since she had been using ProActive and her skin had cleared!

Naughty and Nice was always so dark mysterious!

She was so dark it was almost impossible to see that little plum heart of hers!

She would walk right up to people and ask them if they could see her plum!

 If she was walking outside most people would tell her they could see a little.  They asked her to spin around so that they may see her highlights.

 She twirled and twirled!   Until........

One day she decided that she was not going to twirl anymore for people.  If they couldn't see her plum heart then they didn't know her......and so she lived happily ever after knowing that she knew what color she was.  If others had a problem, that would be their problem, not hers!

And then........

 Once Upon A Time there was this gorgeous potion of a beautiful green and lavender!
She loved her dress of green and lavender.  She would stand in front of the mirror know what she would do......She would twirl!

She always invited people to look at her dress.  She said come closer!  Pretty?

She already knew how pretty her dress was and wanted to try something different!

 So she slipped a dark petticoat under it!

Oh!  She fell in love immediately!

They were made for each other!

 She loved how the darker petticoat showed off her stunning dress of green and lavender!

She wore this beautiful combination to a party on Facebook and received so many compliments!
 She knew that she was the Belle of the Ball!
 This handsome prince asked her to dance.  Me!  She said.  You want to dance with Me?
The prince took her hand and they walked onto the dance floor!  And you guessed it!  They lived happily ever after.
And this happened how???  All because the most gorgeous combination was made with her dress and petticoat.  Just like the combination I used on this mani.  It's the two together that make the fantastic!!

Do you love to put different combinations together and see how each one is striking in its own right??

So how do you purchase Once Upon A Time?  This is how!!

You have to go to Pam's Facebook page  HERE
Her ordering instructions are right there on her page.  You email her with your order.  She will then send you can invoice when your polishes are ready for shipment.  Once you pay your invoice and she receives it, it is mailed almost immediately.

I have all of her polishes!!  She should put a warning on her bottles "This polish may be habit forming....You cannot have just one".  :)

I hope you day and night is filled with the most fantastic Once Upon A Time glitter...and that we all live happily ever after!

♥   Patty