Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Last "Go Pink Wednesday" Mani With OPI BCA Duo!

 This is my fifth and last posting for Go Pink Wednesday.  I do this with much sadness as I have looked forward to each and every Wednesday I have shared with you for Breast Cancer Awareness.

It has been such a privilege to be part of the wonderful bloggers of this group that stood together for the fight against Breast Cancer.

As We in unison, have stated over and over Awareness is the Key!!

Awareness is Knowledge!! 

We must be proactive against this cancer.  Please get your mammograms and make sure not to forget how important your own daily self-examination is to early detection!

For this, my last pink manicure I choose the OPI Breast Cancer Awareness Duo which consists of I Think In Pink and You Glitter Be Nice To Me.  Together these polishes create the most gorgeous combination of pinksI Think in Pink is a stunning pink jelly polish with You Glitter Be Nice To Me being a smashingly gorgeous glitter of outstanding pinks.

I applied three coats of I Think In Pink with two coats of You Glitter Be Nice To Me.  

Oh!  WOW!  Hold on to your little piggy toe!  You are about to be blown away to a sparkling wonderland of pink!

May I introduce you to our stars of the day.  It's I Think in Pink and her sister, You Glitter Be Nice To Me!

 What a gorgeous pair they are!

They insisted that they wear their name labels so that we would not get them mixed up!!

I told them that we could never confuse them because one is a jelly and the other is glitter!

 Well, look here!!  I'm holding both of them!

Not to ever take away from their beauty!

 I just had to show that I could do it!!  ;-)

 It's time for me NOW to direct your attention to the gorgeous combination of pink they created!

 This my friends is what I call the supreme of pink!

 A wonderful tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness!

Dedicated to all our family members who were ever touched my this tragic cancer!

We show our pink war paint on our nails for a sign of support!

 Warriors in pink!  That is what they are called!

 Can you hear their drums as they pound out their stories?

 Perhaps the noise of the drums will quiet one day!

What do you think?

 Will this ever happen?

 All of my hope is that it will!

 But, we will always continue to wear our pink polish!

 And, always remember those who were not saved!

These five pink manicures have been in the honor off my Aunt Betty!!!  You are never forgotten!

OPI polishes can be purchased through numerous channels.  They are available in beauty shops, beauty supply shops, on many many web stores and through Amazon.

May you day and night be filled with the pink support of BCA glitter!!

Plus Happy Halloween to everyone!!



  1. Wow the combo of those is so nice!

    1. I really loved this combo too. It actually turned out so awesome and the glitters just popped off my nails. Thanks so much. :)

  2. This is completely and utterly gorgeous. I need these polishes unsure whether they can be purchased in the uk.

    i am currently running a give away. Uk residents only (sorry) if anyones interested :)

    kate xx

    1. Hi Kate!!
      I would think that any store or website that sell OPI would have this duo. It is a set that was created and sold as a set for Breast Cancer Awareness. I would google OPI Breast Cancer Awareness Polish and see where that leads you. I hope you find it. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I'm glad you liked this special polish for a special cause. :)

  4. Holy mother! That glitter is...WOW! *lifts jaw up from floor* Seriously...I...just...its...WOW!

    Aysh xoxo

    1. ha ha ha!!! Oh! Aysh! You make me laugh! :) I'm so glad that you like this pink goodess!! Thank you!!

  5. GORGEOUS!!! I have such a lemming over this dazzling duo.

    1. Then Inky Whiskers, You must get it. If you love pink, like I do!! This is one pink purchase you will not regret!!

    2. Alas, my area appears to have been skipped by the OPI fairies this year. I checked 2 beauty supply stores, the make-up department of every store I went into & Ulta and none of them had even carried it! At Ed Wyse yesterday they were still waiting for their shipment to arrive. I might be able to find it on line, but I'm not optimistic. At least I got to see on your nails!

    3. Hi Inky!!
      I'm sorry it has taken me a while to get back with you. I was sick with the stomach flu since Friday afternoon until this morning. Good news! I'm going to live! :) I wanted to tell you that eBay has this duo. Just search OPI Breast Cancer Awareness Polish and bingo you have the choice to "Buy It Now" or bid on it. I actually bought mine through eBay! Good luck, my friend!! :)

    4. I'm sorry you had da mega ickies & I'm glad you're feeling better! I broke down & went to Amazon. LOL I found a vendor there who not only had the 2012 set at a reasonalbe price, they had the 2011 crackle too & no shipping! Now it's up to da PO.(sigh) I have a wait problem!

    5. Oh Yay!!! I'm so glad you found it and the 2011!! :) You will definitely have to send me a picture!! I can't wait. :)