Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Last "Go Pink Wednesday" Mani With OPI BCA Duo!

 This is my fifth and last posting for Go Pink Wednesday.  I do this with much sadness as I have looked forward to each and every Wednesday I have shared with you for Breast Cancer Awareness.

It has been such a privilege to be part of the wonderful bloggers of this group that stood together for the fight against Breast Cancer.

As We in unison, have stated over and over Awareness is the Key!!

Awareness is Knowledge!! 

We must be proactive against this cancer.  Please get your mammograms and make sure not to forget how important your own daily self-examination is to early detection!

For this, my last pink manicure I choose the OPI Breast Cancer Awareness Duo which consists of I Think In Pink and You Glitter Be Nice To Me.  Together these polishes create the most gorgeous combination of pinksI Think in Pink is a stunning pink jelly polish with You Glitter Be Nice To Me being a smashingly gorgeous glitter of outstanding pinks.

I applied three coats of I Think In Pink with two coats of You Glitter Be Nice To Me.  

Oh!  WOW!  Hold on to your little piggy toe!  You are about to be blown away to a sparkling wonderland of pink!

May I introduce you to our stars of the day.  It's I Think in Pink and her sister, You Glitter Be Nice To Me!

 What a gorgeous pair they are!

They insisted that they wear their name labels so that we would not get them mixed up!!

I told them that we could never confuse them because one is a jelly and the other is glitter!

 Well, look here!!  I'm holding both of them!

Not to ever take away from their beauty!

 I just had to show that I could do it!!  ;-)

 It's time for me NOW to direct your attention to the gorgeous combination of pink they created!

 This my friends is what I call the supreme of pink!

 A wonderful tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness!

Dedicated to all our family members who were ever touched my this tragic cancer!

We show our pink war paint on our nails for a sign of support!

 Warriors in pink!  That is what they are called!

 Can you hear their drums as they pound out their stories?

 Perhaps the noise of the drums will quiet one day!

What do you think?

 Will this ever happen?

 All of my hope is that it will!

 But, we will always continue to wear our pink polish!

 And, always remember those who were not saved!

These five pink manicures have been in the honor off my Aunt Betty!!!  You are never forgotten!

OPI polishes can be purchased through numerous channels.  They are available in beauty shops, beauty supply shops, on many many web stores and through Amazon.

May you day and night be filled with the pink support of BCA glitter!!

Plus Happy Halloween to everyone!!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Flowers In The Attic.....A New Creation by Liquid Lacquer!

Can you guess what I have for you today?

It's Flowers In The Attic!!  She is a new glitter creation by Melissa of Liquid Lacquer.  I know!  You are thinking "Well, I have not seen this polish on her Etsy shop"!  I know, again!  :-)  That's because this beauty has not even been released yet. 

Melissa did not give me a release date on her new polish creations.  BUT, I do have one more of them to show you this week.

First we must discuss Flowers In The Attic.  She is a gorgeous glitter flower!!  She has a clear base with pink, green and of course,  gold glitters that are dancing through out.  Her bottle is packed full of glitter.  There is no digging for this gold as the glitter glides from it's brush in a glorious application.

My selection for her undie was an easy selection.  I choose Hayride by Carrie of Contrary Polish.  I must tell you, Ladies of the Polish, that this is such a gorgeous shimmer polish.  She is tan in her color with gold, bronze, and brown shimmer and microglitter.  This is one Hayride you must take this fall.  She is a limited edition.  When she is gone, she is gone forever.

I applied three coats of Hayride, although you could actually stop at two coats because she is opaque at that.  I'm just a three coat girl.  I then layered one coat of the stunningly gorgeous Flowers In The Attic.  This combination is absolutely awesome.  Together they sing like a number one hit song!!
I applied one coat of Gelous and one coat of HK Girl Topcoat.  You could skate on this fantastic sheet of ice.

Are you ready?  OK let's go!

Are you ready to go on our Hayride?

There's the back of her wagon!!

 Oh!!  She has her own personal license plate with her name on it!

Here is her close up.  She loves to show her color off!!

She is a gorgeous tan with her glitters aglow!!

 I dare you to find a more gorgeous tan polish!

It is just not possible!

 To find this tan, this glitter, this combination!

And to think all this shine without even applying a topcoat!

I really believe she had to spend a lot of time in the sun to get this tan!

Do you think she used baby oil and iodine?

I was told once that you could really enhance your tan if you applied motor oil and then laid out in the sun!  Don't ask me if I tried it!

My BFF made me!!

 Flowers In The Attic is such a gorgeous creation!

 She knows she has a beautiful brilliant rear end.  She paid lots of money for all that sparkle!

She has kept her name a secret until today!!  Hi there!  My name is Flowers In The Attic!  What's yous?

Now, Why are you lying down?  We have to get you ready for your close up!!

Aren't you just in love with her fabulous colors?

 Oh!  Here she is in all her finery!

Her glitter are amazing!

 You can see the sparks of pink, green and gold flashing from my fingernails!

 I wonder how many of you have read or heard of the book, Flowers In The Attic?

The story line is about children who are hid away by their mother in the attic of their home!

She is assisted by her mother to keep their presence hidden so that the mother can start a new life!

 I don't know how the story ends!

 I guess I will have to read the book to find out!

 Do you have Flowers In The Attic?  I do it's on my nails right now!
You can too!  When it is released!!

You can purchase Flowers In The Attic at the Liquid Lacquer Etsy Shop when it is released.
Be sure to visit and check out her current creations that are available right now.
You can keep up with restocks, new creations and all those kind of goodies on Melissa's Facebook Page.
To purchase Hayride by Contrary Polish you will need to get in the hay wagon and go to Llarowe and Shoppe Eclecticco in Singapore, Japan.
Cassie also sells direct from her blog.
To read about Hayride and other polishes created by Cassie of Contrary Polish, you will need to travel to her Facebook page.  She will keep you current of all new polishes and updates.

I hope you day and night are filled with beautiful pink, green and of course gold glitter!