Sunday, October 21, 2012

Here Lies Robert by Sonoma Nail Art with Untamed by Cult Nails

Hi My Ladies of the Nails!

Today I am going to showcase Here Lies Robert by Sonoma Nail ArtWhere Lies Robert is part of their Halloween Collection.

As explained by Michell, Here Lies Robert is part of her Halloween collection. Here Lies Robert is inspired by Sonoma County native Robert Ripley. Ripley was born in Santa Rosa and grew to fame with his very popular Believe It Or Not comic which was published in many newspapers. His fascination with the odd and strange ties in well with the spookiness of Halloween. Ripley is buried in the Oddfellows Lawn Cemetery in his hometown of Santa Rosa.

He is a clear base glitter polish with black, moss, grey, and gold colored glitters. This polish is packed with color and works best as a top coat over other polishes. She suggests using a murky green color like China Glaze Westside Warrior, or over black for a dramatic twist.

Well, I didn't follow her suggestions on base colors.  I looked at Here Lies Robert and the first color that popped into my head was pinkPink?  Yes pink.  Since this is Breast Cancer Awareness and you're to wear pink this month.  I thought what a better way to combine BCA and Halloween!

So this is how my unique and may I say quite surprisingly pretty combination came to be. 

Say "hello" to Untamed  by Cult Nails!

She is very happy to show her rear view to you!
 I sure you notice that she has her name tag on.  I believe she forgot to take it off after she got home from the Darings of the Pink meeting.  She is the treasurer!

 Well, Here Lies Robert by Sonoma Nail Art.  He does really lie because it said that he is buried

I had to roll him over so that you could see his rear shot.  Have you every heard about how heavy dead people are?

For his close up shot, i had to make sure his makeup and all covered all that skin they cover after you die!  Right?  They do add makeup don't they?

 Definitely strange bed partners!  I wonder if they will have beautiful babies!

 Well, lets let them get together and see what happens!

It is a very feminine Where Lies Robert!

This did turn out to be quite a BCA manicure!

What do you think?

I think they just turned into an awesome every day mani!

Don't you just love the pink, black, green and silver?  I LOVE it!

You know Halloween can be pastel?

 What if you're a fairy......I would wear them!

 My nails would go right along with my Cinderella Outfit!

 OHHHH!  I know I could where them with my Pink Panther Outfit!

 There is nothing as great a wearing army fatiques over pink!

 I ended up enjoying this mani so much.  For some reason it looks as it were meant to be!


It really is a very delicate GI Joe mani!!  I hope you enjoyed our color combination.  The next time you have to make a decision on what base coat color to use......think outside the box!!  It really is a lot of fun!

You can purchase Here Lies Robert and the rest of the Halloween Collection at Sonoma Nail Art's Etsy shop HERE.  She is having her next restock Monday, October 22nd at 6:30pm Pacific time.
You can always check her Facebook page, HERE.  For important information about restocks and new releases.

You can purchase Untamed by Cult Nails at her shop, HERE.
For her Facebook Page click HERE.

May you day and night be filled with the most awesome pink  glitter!


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