Friday, October 26, 2012

A Positive, A Glitter Polish by Hare Polish

Today, the polish I have for you is A Positive. This stunningly gorgeous creation of glitter is by Hare Polish. She is part of The Final Collection: Reformulated 2012 by Hare.

Are you ready for some color?

This little package of glitter actually explodes on your fingernails!

She is a raspberry juicy berry jelly with the most amazing silver hex glitter. A Positive is such a luscious, and I must say this again, gorgeous polish.

You will definitely be noticed by others when you have this polish on your fingernails.

My swatches are showing you two coats of A Positive layered over three coats of Heads Will Roll by Pams & Kin Polish.    The silver glitters are just bursting out of the bottle and flow from the brush in an even and precise application.  I truly LOVE A Positive!

WoW!   I feel like I want to just dive right into that raspberry ocean and swim with the silver glitters. 

What do you see when you gaze into my nails?

Here's our Hare!

 She is a Hare of the A Positive!

Close up time...Hello are you out there?

Closer up time.....Do you remember me saying something about diving into this ocean of raspberry and swimming with these awesome silver glitters?

Now don't get over whelmed with her beauty!  She is powerful and not for the weak of mind!

You should see the fireworks that are shooting off my nails as I type this review.!

 The glorious glow of a raspberry jelly!

 I thought you would like to see a different angle!

She is described as having silver glitter flowing within...but in person it looks like there are shards of brilliant  pink embers that are bouncing from my nails too!

 I'll bet that you can see the lovely pinkness too if you look at my swatches real close!

 Can you see the pink and the silver?  Gorgeous!

Oh!  Look here!  I have a close up of my nail!

A Positive!  I have an A Positive personality.......

Do you?

They say we are the achievers of the world.  I will say I think I can achieve anything with this polish on my nails!

Oh Yeah!!

You can purchase A Positive by Hare Polish at Llarowe.
She also has an Etsy Shop.
Check out Nikole's Blog.
You can keep up with restocks, new creations and all those kind of goodies on her Facebook Page.
May your day and night be filled with super gorgeous A Positive raspberry glitter!


  1. OMG, Patty I truely Love this!!!! It is sooo beautiful! I love how the glitter looks that is sandwiched between the coats! I had no idea this is actually raspberry colored. I was expecting it to be red :-) :-) I love your stories when you post, You Rock!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, my friend. I thought she was going to be red too. You are going to love this one...she will look gorgeous on you. You are going to get so many compliments when you wear her.
      You know why my mani is so extra delicious? Because I applied a coat of Geleous!!! :):) A very special friend by the name of Allison (YOU) suggested it to me!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  2. From one former chewer to another...your nails look fabulous, dahling!

    1. Oh! Isn't wonderful to have nails now? Thank you for your sweet comment!! Come back and play any time!!