Monday, October 22, 2012

Oceans of Alloys.....A Polish of the Hare!

Just vision this, if you will!  I'm holding a black top hat.  Yes, I said a black top hat.  Now I waving my wand over the opening of that black top hat.  I say Oceans of Alloys!  What?  Did you think I would say hocus Pocus?  Noooooo, not in this trick! :)  Anyway, I say Oceans of Alloys...and...and I pull out a HARE!!  Yes, I pull out a gorgeous....oh! you thought I was going to say rabbit, but it is actually a HARE polish that goes by the name of Oceans of Alloys!!

Now, I must say this is not no ordinary polish.  THIS, my friends is a fabulous aqua blue with bronze and gold glitters spinning their way through a gorgeous ocean of jelly base.  This rare beauty was created Nikole of HARE Polish.  It is part of her Finder's Keepers, Fall 2012 Glitter Collection.

It has been described as a dusty light blue jelly with a mixture of gold and copper glitter in both hexes and squares in several different sizes. Mysterious iridescent blue glitter is scattered throughout, as well as delicate gold flecks.   I tend to think Oceans of Alloy is an aqua blue.  What do you think?

I have such a gorgeous combination of colors that I want to share with you today.  I was so thrilled with they way these two polishes blended to create a spontaneous combustion of light.   I choose Aruba by Contrary Polish as a base.  Aruba is a brand new release by Carrie of Contrary Polish.  This polish is part of her The Islands CollectionAruba is teal with an aqua shimmer....gorgeous!  I might add you need to check out the other colors in this collection.  They are spot on lucious!

I applied two coats of Aruba and then added two coats of Oceans of Alloys.  WOW!  As I was applying Oceans of Alloys my husband walked by and said "WOW...Pat!!!".  That is how dramatic this manicure shows.

Allow me to show you our star of the day!!

May I first introduce you to Aruba!!  You might notice that this is a mini size bottle.  Well, let me tell you.  I have taken care of this problem and ordered this beauty in a regular size.  Something tells me I have a long future with this gorgeous teal polish.  That means I need a large supply!! :)

Miss Aruba is now showing off her rear shot!  She knows she's a beauty!

 Now she's going to show off for you!

 I am truly in love with this teal/aqua island of paradise!

She reminds me so much of the transparent, clear welcoming aqua color of the waters that surrounds a tropical island such as Aruba!

 A topcoat has not been applied to my nails as I was going to layer Oceans of Alloys over Aruba.  Can you imagine how shiny and fantastic she would look after she applied her moisturizer?

 Would you have any idea why I am drawn to teal?  I just can't help myself!

She is gorgeous!  She is teal!  She is Aruba!

Now, we must move forward on our mission.  Goodbye Aruba!  It was so much fun!

WOW!  Here is Oceans of Alloys!

Friends, Miss OOA wanted so much to show off, but her little rear is covered.  This is where your imagination will come into play!

 You know she has her own private team for hair and makeup!!  Can you say gorgeous?

 I thought perhaps you would like to see our team.  LOVELY!!!

 I want to show you what beauty is all about!

 Adding the base coat of Aruba gave OOA more depth.

You can almost dive right into her Ocean of aqua!

As you gaze into this glittery piece of art, you can almost imagine that you're looking at islands that are surrounded by the gorgeous sea of aqua!

You do love this manicure!  I can tell just by the way you are looking at it!

Wouldn't you like to pull this HARE out of a hat?

 Oh yes you would!!!

Thank you for joining me today in our magic trick of island beauty!!

Do you want to purchase these polishes?  I can tell you where and how.....come on just follow me!!

To purchase Aruba by Contrary Polish you will need to travel to Llarowe.
Cassie also sells direct from her blog.
To read about Aruba and other polishes of creator Cassie of Contrary Polish, you will need to travel to her Facebook page.  She will keep you current of all new polishes and updates.  Make sure when you visit that you click that "Like" button.  She really deserves it!

HARE polish is sold through Llarowe as well.
Nikole also sells through her Etsy shop, HERE.
Make sure to go to the HARE Facebook page.  Also when you are there checking out all her important information you really need to click Nikole's "Like" button as well.  She works hard and deserves it!

I apologize if I have missed any selling locations from either shop.

May you day and night be filled with gorgeous aqua glitter!



  1. I love your blog! Your nails are super beautiful and the polishes you use are always gorgeous. Great job!

    1. Thank you so much Katie! I'm so glad that you like my blog. :) Please come back and visit. I really appreciate your comments!!