Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hi Y'all My Name is Jake

Hi Everyone!

 I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Jake.  My Momma said that I could hang out with her on this blog of hers.  I know she luves to keep her fingernails purty.   I have a secret to tell you, now lean in real close to me...I will not let my Momma polish my toe nails! way will I even let her get close to my toes!  Believe me, she has tried.  Ask her and she will deny it.  I like my toe nails natural and yes I do bite.

So do you paint your pet's toe nails?

I love spending my day just playing with my toys and lying on my perches watching those little yummy birdies outside my windows.

Well, it was very nice to meet you.  I hope that you support my Momma's love of nail polish.

I'll give you a little purr later.

Jake or as my Momma calls me Jakey.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nail Swatches by Pretty & Polished "Freedom Calling"

I know it's a little early to celebrate the 4th of July, however this is what is so great about fingernail decoration....we can wear it the pre-week of our celebration.

I would love to show you what I have created by layering polishes and a great, awesome, wonderful glitter top coat by Pretty & Polished. The polish name is "Freedom Calling" and is so appropriate for the 4th of July.

I polished all my fingers with the exception of my ring fingers with China Glaze's "Up All Night". This is a very deep navy blue color. Then I polished my ring fingers with Cult Nails "Evil Queen". Evil Queen is a very nice neutral red.

THEN, I added the fireworks!! Upon adding Pretty & Polished "Freedom Calling" you can see the fireworks lighting up the 4th of July night. I see the red, white and blue of our America's Freedom.

Shall I show you what I see when I look at my nails?

Of course!

I hope perhaps that you will get an idea from my swatches for the 4th of July. I truly enjoy this one. Let Freedom Ring!!

It's A Beautiful Thing!!

<3 Patty

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Swatch Samples of KB Shimmers

Today I have swatch samples of KB Shimmer nail polish. KB Shimmers can be found on Etsy, however I believe her next sale of nail product will be on her on website. You need to "like" her on Facebook page to keep current with her details.

What an enjoyable time I had with the application of this polish. I truly cannot stop looking at my nails.

Before I get into the details, I must tell you what an enjoyable experience it was to purchase from KB Shimmers. Their customer service is A+. During this sale she had her polishes made up before she put the nail product on her shop. Shipping happened immediately and before I realized it my polishes had arrived at my front door. Her polishes are gorgeous and made of top quality ingredients.

I am new to this world of indie polish makers and as a consumer I really appreciate this shop.

Okay, now for my details. On all my fingers with the exception of my ring finger I have applied Do It On 'Em by OPI as a base and then applied Vegas Bomb by KB Shimmers. On my ring finger I used Like A Virgin by Deborah Lippmann as a base and then applied Party by KB. I have 2 coats of base and actually 1 - 1/2 coats of top on all my nails.

Shall we take a look at my pictures?

I realize that I am such an novice at my photography and did not do justice to this polish. I promise to get better. Please bear with me.

I hope your weekend is all that you want.

<3 Patty