Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nail Swatches by Pretty & Polished "Freedom Calling"

I know it's a little early to celebrate the 4th of July, however this is what is so great about fingernail decoration....we can wear it the pre-week of our celebration.

I would love to show you what I have created by layering polishes and a great, awesome, wonderful glitter top coat by Pretty & Polished. The polish name is "Freedom Calling" and is so appropriate for the 4th of July.

I polished all my fingers with the exception of my ring fingers with China Glaze's "Up All Night". This is a very deep navy blue color. Then I polished my ring fingers with Cult Nails "Evil Queen". Evil Queen is a very nice neutral red.

THEN, I added the fireworks!! Upon adding Pretty & Polished "Freedom Calling" you can see the fireworks lighting up the 4th of July night. I see the red, white and blue of our America's Freedom.

Shall I show you what I see when I look at my nails?

Of course!

I hope perhaps that you will get an idea from my swatches for the 4th of July. I truly enjoy this one. Let Freedom Ring!!

It's A Beautiful Thing!!

<3 Patty

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