Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shocked, Blogger and Revolution...all by Picture Polish

Hello my Angels!!  It's a great Tuesday....don't you think?

Today I have one of the newest releases of Picture Polish's Collaboration Shades Collection.  I purchased all of the newones but decided to start of with these.

I choose to feature Shocked by Shatter Me Claire.  I then applied the absolutely gorgeous glitter creation, Blogger on my ring finger nail.  Blogger is actually not part of the Collaboration Shades Collection as it was created by Picture Polish for their regular polish line.

I also purchased their new Revolution.  It is an easy to remove glitter base coat.  All I can tell you at this point is that it is an easy application.  As I haven't removed my polish yet I can't report how well it works.  I will let you know on my next blog post.

Let me tell you all about Shocked!

Her entire name is.....Rock your nails with our Kylie!  Shocked
Shocked was created with Sarah from Shatter Me Claire
Inspiration:  Sarah is a 'pink' fanatic no more to say...
What is Shocked......Shocked is a dark fuschia pink jelly holo (scattered) that has NO glitter and transforms with the change of light.

I completed my manicure with three coats of Shocked and then applied two coats of Blogger on my ring finger nail.  Finishing it off with one coat of HK Girl top coat.  Angels I'm sure you have used a Picture Polish before and were very impressed with their formulas.  Shocked and Blogger did not disappoint me at all.....fabulous formulas!!

Let's take a look at these awesome polishes!!

 Awwww here are our two beauties and their new base coat friend!

 My little paw is gripping on to the gorgeous, Blogger!

 Now my little paw has a hold of Shocked!

She is a very stunning gorgeous pink!!

WoW, Will you look at that!  Now my little paw has gotten a hold of Revoolution!!

I hope that you enjoyed our little road trip through a gorgeous pink polish to a fabulous glitter creation.

May you day and night be filled with an awesome brilliant glowing glitter!!

 ♥  Patty

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pixie Dust - Summer 2013 Collection by Zoya!

Guess what my angels?  Pixie Dust - Summer 2013 Collection by Zoya was delivered to my house yesterday.  They are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!  Yes they are!!

I'm in love with all these fabulous textured polishes...especially the ones that sparkle!!  They are so much fun and their brilliant colors are awesome for your nails!!

I completed my manicure with two coats of the gorgeous Pixie Dust and then one coat of HK Girl top coat by Glisten and Glow.

Let's go check out these colors!!

 Just look at the colors!!!

 They are even more delicious on your nails!

OK my loves, you need to go get ya some of these Pixie Dust polishes and throw that dust on your nails!!

I hope your day and night are filled with awesome Pixie Dust!!!


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Clowning Around by Lush Lacquer Applied over Gnarly by Different Dimension

Today, my angels I want to share two polishes with you.  They are:

Clowning Around by Lush Lacquer Unique Nail Polish applied over  Gnarly by Different Dimension.  These two = summer time fun!!

Gnarly is a fabulous green scattered neon holographic nail polish.  Perfect for the summer.  There is something about an awesome green polish that just pulls at me.  The right green, like Gnarly is just so much fun to  wear.

Clowning Around is a clear base polish with bright neon colors scattered throughout it! Per Lush Lacquer they used only hexes in different sizes in this beauty.  Neon pink, neon orange, neon yellow, neon green, neon blue and neon purple glitters make up this color combination.  In other words, it's a neon glitter polish.  When you look at the bottle it looks as if it is jammed full of fantastic gummies.  This is a glitter that would look gorgeous over any color!!

If you will, close your eyes and imagine the neon green base polish with neon glitter applied over it.  It's nothing but pure awesome fun.  Love it!!!

My manicure was completed by appling two coats of Gnarly and then two coats of Clowning Around.  I used just one coat of Wicked Fast top coat by Cult Nails.  My order just arrived today and this was the first time I used Wicked Fast.  I liked it!  The only con I would say I have about it is that it does take more drying time than my usual top coats I use.

 Here is our gorgeous Gnarly!

Just take a peek at this ocean of green shimmer!!  That's how your nails will look my angels!

 Name tags!!  You know I have a thang about them.  I love this one because it's a little like me....off center!!!  :)

You better like this Clowning Around!!

 Look at this bottle....It is almost as fun as going to the circus!!

 Check it out!!  I put the bottle last!!  Did you catch that??

I hope you enjoyed looking at these neon beauties!!  As I said above they are perfect for your summer nails!!

May you day and night be filled with fabulous glitter!!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Frosted Gum Drops by JulieG Nail Polish

I have a very sweet dedication on my blog today.  I have the most sparkling, delicious, gorgeous and yummy Frosted Gum Drops by Julie G Nail Polish.

I must share with you my angels that these polishes surprised the pants off of me.  They will just dazzle you with their gorgeous bright colors.

Do they look like sugar frosted gum drops?  You betcha!!

When they arrived and I viewed them in the flesh I knew I must wear a different color on each nail just so that they were look like in a candy dish.

I wanted this collection so bad!  I had heard that you could pre-order the set on Jesse's Girl Cosmetics website.  I, sadly was a day too late....can you believe it?  It was announced that the JulieG Gum Drops would be sold to the public through RiteAid Pharmacys.  Well, that was just another snag for me as there are no.....I tell you no RiteAids in my area at all.  So I did what any polish addict would do I begged on Facebook for some kind person to please get these for me.  Guess what??  An angel answered my plea and sent the set to me.  Thank you my angel!!!

They arrived today and immediately went on my nails.

I completed my manicure with just two coats.  Gum Drops have a fabulous formula.  actually one of the best I've used.  I applied one coat of HK Girl top coat by Glisten and Glow

My nails look amazing!!  I'm in LOVE with this polish!

Take a look at my candy dish of color!!

I used all the colors with the exception of Tangerine Dream.  I love orange but I just didn't have enough fingers!

 Just look at those colors!

 Plus the yummy of the sparkle!

They look just like they are sugar coated!

I hope you enjoyed looking into my candy dish today.

If you have RiteAid Pharmacys close to you be sure to go check these Gum Drops out.

May your day and night be filled with sparkling glitter!