Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nail Mail Alert...... Ladies From Shimmer Polish!!

Today I bring to you five Ladies of Shimmer.  Every time I open a package from Shimmer Polish my breath gets taken away and my heart skips a beat.  Cindy's polish is just GORGEOUS!  They glow like a diamonds....oh yes, like diamonds.  My best friend.  How about you?

I have Erica, Wendy, Lorene, Natalie and Mary to introduce to you.  These are the newest Ladies of Shimmer!

 Let's first meet the gorgeous Lorene.....front

 .....and back

 The beautiful Natalie....front

.....and back

Oh, and here is the adorable Mary.....front

.....and back

Now the pretty Miss Erica.....front

 .....and back

Lastly, the lovely Wendy.....front

.....and back

 Here are our Ladies all together!

 Another beautiful view and then lastly

We'll look at our Ladies from the air.  Quite a view!!

You're asking yourself...Where can I get these beauties at?  Well, you came to the right place because I'm going to tell you.  You are soooo lucky!

These Ladies can be purchased from Cindy at Shimmer Polish.  Her Etsy shop is right HERE.  You should also visit her Facebook page HERE.  While you're there give her "Like" button a little love.

I hope you enjoyed our journey through the Ladies today.

Thank you for taking your time to read my post.  May your day be full of glitter!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And Rock-A-Bye Sweet Baby James!!

                                                           "Sweet Baby James"

There is a young cowboy, he lives on the range. His horse and his cattle are his only companions.
He works in the saddle and he sleeps in the canyons, waiting for summer, his pastures to change.
And as the moon rises he sits by his fire, thinking about women and glasses of beer.
And closing his eyes as the doggies retire, he sings out a song which is soft but it's clear
as if maybe someone could hear...

Goodnight you moon light ladies, rock-a-bye sweet baby James.
Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose, won't you let me go down in my dreams?
And rock-a-bye sweet baby James.

Now the first of December was covered with snow
and so was the turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston.
Though the Berkshires seemed dreamlike on account of that frosting,
with ten miles behind me and ten thousand more to go.
There's a song that they sing when they take to the highway,
a song that they sing when they take to the sea,
a song that they sing of their home in the sky, maybe you can believe it if it helps you to sleep,
but singing works just fine for me.

So, goodnight you moon light ladies, rock-a-bye sweet baby James.
Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose, won't you let me go down in my dreams?
And rock-a-bye sweet baby James. 

Awwww!  The songs of James Taylor.  They are all so special.  The words tell it all.

So to acknowledge James Taylor and Whimsical Ideas by Pam, I have chosen to review the gorgeous Sweet Baby James and Miss Wohelo.

I applied two coats of Jock Juggler by Sation Nail Lacquer.  This beautiful blue was a gorgeous match to Sweet Baby James.

These views of Jock Juggler was taken through the shoulders of Sweet Baby James and Miss Wohelo.

I applied onlMiss Wohelo, she's a jely one coat of Sweet Baby James over the top of Jack Juggler by Sation.  On Miss Wohelo, she's a jelly and quite proud of it!  I applied four coats of her to get that opaque look.  If I had any wishes about these polishes is that Sweet Baby James be a little less thick and perhaps a few more pink glitters.  I had to dig to get the pinks I did.  Miss Wahelo is just fine as she is....just perfect!!

I want to again say how I treasure Whimsical Creations by Pam.  She is just a "Special" shop owner.  I can't say enough about her customer service.  She keeps everyone alerted to any problems before they happen and is prepared to take on anything.  She just released her latest new collection.  I have every polish in her new collection.  Each one is prettier than the one before.

To order Pam's collection you need to go to her Facebook page HERE.  You can see her inventory of gorgeous polishes and decide which ones or all that you want.  You then send a email to her at with your order.  She will send you a email when your order is complete along with a invoice.  You pay the invoice and Pam ships out immediately.  Easy Peasy!!  Just like that!!

To order the beautiful undie blue polish, Jock Jogger by Sation you can go to their shop at  They have just released a new collection name The Little Horse on the Prairie.  I can't say enough about these polishes.  Their colors and application is just amazing.  Oh, and their Facebook page is HERE.

I hope you have enjoyed this review and listening to the great James Taylor while browsing.

May life be good to you!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Sunday Wrap-Up of My Mail Hauls

Hello my Ladies of the Nails!!

I did promise you that I would be back today.  Did you think I wouldn't follow through?  Well, you're wrong!!  I'm back!!

Let's see what I have here....

My first up is a polish from Hot Mess Lacquers.  She is a rather new Indie polish maker to Etsy.  I fell head-over-heels in love with this polish when I saw the review that Hello There, Blondie posted.
She swatched this polish and presented it so well.  It looked gorgeous.

What polish is this, you ask?  It's name is Across the Trailer Park.  Don't you just love this name?  Really cute and creative.  I know you want to see here it is!

First I want to show you how it was packaged.  Look at this cute bag tied with a pretty pink ribbon.  Inside the bag there was a gorgeous sprinkling of glitter along with the bottle of polish.

I sprinkled the glitter around the bottle when I took my picture.  It is cute!!

A little closer view so that you can see the beautiful glow from the glitter.  It is just such a pretty blue!  I love this and can't wait to swatch it myself.


Next up we have the polishes that I purchased from Daring Digits.  LOVE THESE!

This is her Halloween Collection.  As you can see they are all gorgeous colors.  I had to purchase them ALL.  I might add here you DO NOT have to purchase the collection together.  You and purchase each color on it's own.

Here is a view so that you can see the names.  Also you can see how they glow.  Oh, I forgot to tell you the blue one, Labor of Love has hearts in it.

There. That's a better picture.  If you look just right you can see the hearts in Labor of Love.

Somehow these four additional bottles of fabulous polish go into my cart.  I guess my cart fell in love with them because I couldn't stop him from adding them.  Shame on that cart!!

Here is a view of their names.  You might just need them when you place your order.

Look at these swatches.  How can you pass on Tin Man and Hope.  Tin Man has those beautiful red hearts.  You know Mr Tin Man wanted a heart.  Poor thing.  Then look at Hope with the silver stars.  Oh, yes I must tell you too that Mix My Matte Up is "matte".

One last picture.  This is swatches of all the Daring Digits I purchased.

Well, we must give credit where credit is due.

First if you loved and can't imagine your life without Across The Trailer Park by Hot Mess Lacquers, you need to go to her Etsy Shop, HERE.  You can always go to her Facebook Page to check on updates.  When you're there you might "Like" her page if you haven't already.

Next up is Daring Digits, to get her Halloween Collection or any of the other fantastic colors, you need to go to her Etsy Shop, HERE.  It would be nice to go to her Facebook Page and click on her "LIKE" button.

I hope you enjoyed our little review today.  Perhaps you will love one of the polishes as much as I do.

May the rest of your weekend be sunny.

Thank you so much for reading my post.  If you like it I would love to have you leave a comment.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nail Mail, Nail Mail...Hello!

WOW!  I received a really nice haul yesterday.  Two Indies that are always included in my "Special Indie ♥" and then I received an order from a Newbie Indie.

First let's take a look at when I was opening my packages.  My cat, Jake ALWAYS has to be there when I open my stuff.  If he hears me from another room, he comes running.

Hey Mom, What's ya doing?

 Oh No!  I'm not watching you....not me!

OK!  I need to help you out a little!

Lets see what we have here!

Maybe if I coooould just get my head in here I could see.....agh...they're gone.

Well!! I guess I'll just get back up here and watch!
With my helper now dis-interested and gone I can take a few pictures of my haul.  Oh man, they are all really awesome!

Let's see what we have here.  On the top row, left to right:

Dollish Polish - Cold Winds Are Rising

Hare Polish - Afterglow
                      Heat Plague

Naild'it Unique Nail Polish - Girls Gone Wild in Camo
                                               Berryeed Treasure
                                               Candy Corn

Happy Hands - Banana Stand
                         Tricks Are Something A Whore Does For Money...Or Candy

Check these pictures out!!

The next is the Hares:

Oh, and here come my Naild'it Unique Polishes:

Oh so pretty...I am pretty!

Are you still with me??  Come'on you have to stay to see the new Indie Polish Shop.  Well, I think my camera must have ate (crunch) the pictures of the polish bottles of Happy Hands.  You will have to look at the pictures above, no not the Naild'it's, up further...alllll the way up.  They are the polishes in the second row.  I DO have pictures of the swatching that I will show you.

If you love them ALL, like I do, here's what I'll do for you.  I'm going to give you all their IMPORTANT information.  Here ya go.......

Dollish Polish, she does not have an Etsy Shop.  She sells through Llarowe, click HERE.  For her Facebook page, click HERE.

Hare Polish, for her Etsy Shop, click  HERE.  For her Facebook page, click HERE.  You can also purchase her polishes at Llarowe, click HERE.

Naild'it Unique Nail Polish by Andeevie, for her Etsy Shop, click Here.  For her Facebook page, click HERE and while you are there make sure you click that "LIKE" button.  She's wishing for 1,000 and we need to help her get there.

Happy Hands Nail Polish, for her Etsy Shop. click HERE.  For her Facebook page, click HERE.

Wheeeee!  You made it!  Thank you for hanging in there with me.  I'll tell you a secret I have more nail mail and I will share them with you tomorrow.  Come back to see me!!

Thank you so much.