Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Love Manglaze Original Matte Nail Polish!

WOW!!  Yesterday our mail arrived and my DH brought me two boxes.  I might add here he never has a smile on his face when he opens the mailbox and my nail mail is staring back at him.  You see he thinks I have a problem (in my head) over my nail polish purchases.  I keep telling him I will stop buying polishes but somehow they just keep arriving in our mailbox with my name on the packages.  He asked me the other day if I'm ordering them in the middle of the night and perhaps I don't know what I'm doing. LOL  I think the only other people who would understand my problem would be other nail polish bloggers.

 I do love my nail polish and I especially enjoy ordering them from my Indie nail polish shops on line.

Well, speaking of a fantastic Indie nail polish shop is Manglaze Original Matte Nail Polish.  In one of my boxes was my first order from Manglaze that consisted of six wild and wonderful bottles of awesome "matte" polish.  I couldn't wait to apply them to my plastic practice tips to see what they looked like.  I'm here to say they are wonderful and unique.  I adore the colors, the application and the end product.

Manglaze you stole my heart and my wallet.  I couldn't control myself, I had to order three more colors today.

Now, I know I need to do my manicures and take pictures to show you.  However most of the colors  I ordered are on the dark side and I'm saving them for fall.
I did take pictures of the bottles.  They have the most fun labels on each bottle.  I'm going to display them rather than put them away in my helmer.
Okay, so here are my pictures:

Thanks for letting me share this exciting purchase with you.  If you're interested in purchasing Manglaze Original Matte Nail Polish you can go HERE to their Facebook page.  This was where I placed my order.  Their delivery is quite speedy.

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