Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dedicated to the 2012 Olympics

I don't know how you feel, but I'm going to miss the Olympics after Sunday.  I have truly enjoyed watching all the sports that are just not available for my viewing during the normal year.  These games have educated and enlightened me.
I thought I would do a new manicure for the closing ceremonies.  I have already done one in support of the USA in red, white and blue, so I thought I would do this mani in the Olympic ring colors.
I have applied Olympic Rings by Naild'It Unique Polish by Andeevie on all my nails with the exception of my ring finger.  I applied OPI Red by OPI on this finger.  I really enjoyed the application of Olympic Rings.  I just had to go digging for a few red or yellow glitters that didn't come out on the brush and I needed them to complete the color scheme.  I didn't mean to go so heavy on my pointer finger.  However, since I broke my nail and I have just a nub right now it was easy to over apply.
Well, here are my pictures:

I hope you enjoyed my Olympic Ring Colors. Don't forget this polish is from her Etsy Shop at  Naild'It Unique Polish by Andeevie.  Also you can visit her Facebook page by clicking HERE.
Have all of you been drawn to the Olympics during the last two weeks?  Are you going to miss them?
I sure am!!
Be good until next time and remember to save me some nail polish! :)

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