Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My "Go Pink Wednesday" Mani With Jem by Liquid Lacquer

 Can you believe that
it's already week four of "Go Pink Wednesday"?

Gosh, I really can't believe that this is the fourth week of "Go Pink Wednesday".  It has been such a honor and a privilege to participate in this Breast Cancer Awareness group.

My belief is that women should support women in all their causes.  When it comes down to the line it will only be the women that are there.  It's not men's fault that they do not understand women's issues.  They have just never walked in our shoes.  

When it comes to breast cancer men are becoming great allies and supporters because they are also struck by this tragic cancer.  The base of contributors has grown as the awareness grows that men can also get this cancer.

As knowledge is power and power is strength!!!

The polish I choose for my "Go Pink Wednesday" manicure is Jem by Melissa of Liquid LacquerLiquid Lacquer used to go under the name of 2ChixLacquer.  This is a new Indie polish maker to me either under their old name or as Liquid Lacquer.   I have been very impressed!   I placed my order and it was at my front door in two days.  Jem is a limited edition polish.   She is absolutely gorgeous!  She has a mauve-y pink jelly base with assorted colors of glitter that trip the light fantastic.  Jem is of an ideal consistency with just the perfect amount of glitter percentage.  I applied three coats to opaque.  Her glitters flowed from her brush perfectly even.  Jem is a jem of a jem!

Let's look at our Jem!!

Oh!  Here she is!!

She is photographing darker than she appears in real life time!

She is really shaking her tail feathers for you!!  Can you see those little glitters swaying?

 Jem!  That is her precious name!

She is so perfect that it only took one shot to get this picture!

My logic behind selecting Jem this week is her assortment of various gorgeous glitter colors.  Let's say there's more colors than just pink.  I didn't think that "Go Pink Wednesday" would care if I shared this post with all the other great causes that are represented during the month of October.  I want all the stunning glitter colors in Jem dedicated to those causes.

She is a pretty one!

Can you see her beauty?

 This perfect Jem of a pink is dedicated to all the loved ones we have lost to breast cancer!

 And, to all our loved ones who are fighting this tragic cancer!

And, to all our loved ones who are survivors!

Remember one word!!  Proactive!!

 We cannot be Reactive!!
 Remember to get your mammograms........

DO NOT forget to self-test yourself.......

Get to know your body.....

The more you know your own normal......

 The sooner you will notice your UN-normal!!

You can purchase Jem at Liquid Lacquer Etsy Shop.
You can keep up with restocks, new creations and all those kind of goodies on her Facebook Page.

May you day and night be filled with AWARENESS glitter!




    1. Thank you so much. I'm so glad you love Jem. This is really an awesome polish.

  2. Jem is beautiful, I hope they ship internationally because I really want to get that polish.
    Love your nails!

    1. Hi Susy! I'm not sure if she ships internationally or not. Be sure to check with Melissa. It's really a pain in the rear when we fall in love with polishes that are across the oceans!
      Thank you so much for your comments. Please come back and visit anytime. :)