Sunday, October 14, 2012

and here is TAYLOR. A NEW Shimmer Polish Glitter Creation!

Ladies of the Nail!

This afternoon, I have for you.....TAYLOR.  She is a new creation by Cindy of Shimmer Polish.  All I can say is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!

Taylor is what I would call a blood red jelly base with green and red mini glitters flowing throughout.  I layered her over Heads Will Roll by Pams and Kin Nail Polish.  This is an ox blood red shimmer polish.  It is part of their new releases.  Heads Will Roll is a stunningly beautiful polish.

I applied two coats of Heads Will Roll and then layered two coats of Taylor.  This amazing combination is an awesome duet.  Together they created a gorgeous color.

Plus, I wanted to add that I applied one coat of Poshe topcoat.  I am late to the party on my purchase of Poshe.  I love is a fabulous topcoat.

Let's go check out this awesome combination!

I'm showing you Heads Will Roll by Pams & Kin!

This is such a beautiful ox blood red!

You can see this unique color in this close up view!

 This polish is just absolutely gorgeous on it's own!

Application is a pleasure to apply as are all Pams & Kin polishes!

 A stunning classy color!

Here is our gorgeous, Taylor!

This is her rear view....Oh yes!

You can take in her blood red color with all the glorious glitter in this close up shot!

Here is the star of our show....Taylor!

 My camera was somewhat challenged to be able to capture all her glow!

You do not always need to layer Taylor.  She can be applied just by herself, becoming opaque in three coats.

She is dark.....

She is vampy.......

This is an excellent picture that shows off her color to the max!

She is...Taylor!

Heads up Shimmer Polish lovers, I know there are a lot of you out there.  You need to add Taylor to your polish stash.  She is an essential!!

To purchase Heads Will Roll, go to Pams & Kin Etsy shop HERE.
Their Facebook page is HERE.

Taylor can be purchased at Cindy's Etsy shop, Shimmer Polish HERE.
Check out her Facebook page HERE.  While you're there give her a little love and click her "Like" button.  She is always having giveaways when her "Likes" hit certain numbers.

So what do you think of Taylor, this new lady of the Shimmer?

May your day and night be filled with glorious blood red glitter!

♥  Patty


  1. Thanks for the smashing review patty! Always wonderful <3

    1. Thank you Cindy. I'm glad you enjoyed!! <3