Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cammie over Twigs, Creations by Feenix Polish!

Do you feel a little green today?  Good!  I'm glad that you are!

Today we are going to discuss a special green.  Some people call this shade of green camo, which is actually short for camouflage. 

Websters definition of Camo is a combination of colors and patterns typical of camouflage; also:  a camouflage garment or outfit.

My manicure is made up of two different polishes from Suzette of Feenix Polish.  I first applied 2 coats of TwigsTwigs is a sheer olive drab polish with a bit of green/gold shimmer. It works well  as a base, but it also is gorgeous as a stand-alone polish.

Next I layered one coat of CammieCammie is a stunningly gorgeous.  She has a base of shimmering khaki.   Suzette describes Cammie as having 14 different glitters in shades of green, gold, brown and gray.   She can also be worn alone being opaque at three coats.

I will only show you the finished manicure in this post.  I know!  I know!  I always show pictures of the underwear.  I just didn't have the time to do it this time.  But don't worry you will see it in the future as Twigs was specifically created to go with other polishes in the Feenix Polish line.

Shall we see our beauty for today?  Let's go!

Here are our beauties!!  Cammie is on the right and Twigs is on the left!

As bad as my lovely ladies wanted to show off, their sparkling brilliance just could not be captured by my camera!  So sad!!

Even their close up looks somewhat dull!

I do hope that you can see how gorgeous the glitters are that spin like a top through this fantastic polish!

 She is truly an outstanding unique creation!

 I do feel very feminine wearing my gorgeous GI Patty camouflage manicure!

Huuuup - two - three - four!!  I wonder if our Ladies of the Service can wear polish....Do you know?

 Why or why can I not pick up the spark!!  I promise you.  It is really there!

Cammie is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

If you love greens as I do you will definitely need to add Cammie and Twigs to your stash.

Here is all your purchase information for Feenix Polish.

Her Etsy shop HERE.
Her Facebook page HERE.

I hope you day and night are filled with awesome camo green glitter!!!


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