Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rusty Hearts and Ancient Affairs by Hare Polish

I'm still pulling beautiful Hares out of my black top hat!!

This afternoon I have two gorgeous Hare polishes to share with you.

They are Rusty Hearts and Ancient Affairs.  These stunning creations are the Antiquities :  Fall 2012 Collection by Nikole of Hare Polish.

Rusty Hearts is a rusty red jelly loaded with gold shimmer.   Ancient Affairs is a grey jelly with blue shimmer and turquoise microglitter spinning thoughout the jelly.  In my opinion she shows her colors as a gorgeous slate blue.  Both of the polishes are bursting with glorious glitter.  I applied three coats of each with one coat of SV topcoat.   I did have to add a few drops of polish thinner to Rusty Hearts after the first coat.   As usual with Hare Polish their applications were easy peasy.

Here are our Antiquities!!

See our gorgeous Hares!

On Hare Polish I cannot show their keisters.....because they have labels on both sides and because I didn't know which is the keister side!  Oh No!

But...I definitely can show their close ups!  Oh Yes1

WoW!!  What do you think of these super fall colors?

Superb in every way!

Do you have a Rusty ♥?

 Oh No!  I seem to have a small Rusty ♥ halo around my cuticle.  I did tidy up!  I swear I did!  Don't look at it.........look past it at these gorgeous colors!

So the three above shots are pretty much a like!  I can do that!  I just can't make a decision on which ones to delete.  I think maybe you would like this photo OR this photo OR this photo.

 Do you notice that I'm holding Ancient Affairs?

 Outstanding blue.....

I truly love these colors together!

 I know you will love them too!

 They are even prettier in person!

 You know how some stars are so much more when you see them in real life?  Real life!  

What the heck is real life?  Will someone please explain this to me?

You can purchase Rusty Hearts and Ancient Affairs by Hare Polish at Llarowe.
She also has an Etsy Shop.
Check out Nikole's Blog.
You can keep up with restocks, new creations and all those kind of goodies on her Facebook Page.

May your day and night be filled with stunning Rusty Red and Slate Blue glitters!



  1. Outstanding, Patty!!! Those two colors do look so good together!!! I love the depth to these, with all the sparkle, just To DIE for!!! <3

    1. Thank you so much for your precious comments. You are so special to me!! It actually wasn't the best application. You know you have some days when it just doesn't all fall in place. :)