Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Gutz, A Falloween Color by Enchanted Polish

Awwww!  Halloween!  What would it be without carved jack-o-lanterns  everywhere.  They are on your neighbors porches and sitting beside front doors.  Their carved faces are aglow with lit candles.  The jack-o-lanterns are beacons of light that welcome trick or treaters.  Come to my house! We will open our front door and give you treats!

However, I'm getting off track because you will need to clean a pumpkin before you can carve and light them.  You know what that means?  You have to go in and get those Pumpkin Gutz out.

Which brings me to the polish of the day.  It is Ewwey-Gooey sparkling Pumpkin Gutz created by Enchanted PolishPumpkin Gutz is part of their Falloween Collection.

These Gutz are just gorgeous!  Gutz can be gorgeous, of yes they can!  Especially if they are created by Enchanted Polish.   This is a clear based polish all aglow with orange, black and green glitters.  I applied two coats of Heat Wave, an orange shimmer by Orly Nail Lacquer as an undie and then layered one coat of Pumpkin Gutz.  I really enjoyed the look of this combination.  It created a bright brilliant glow on my nails.

First, let's take a look at our undie coat.

 This is Heat Wave by Orly...definitely orange...definitely!

Oh My!  Heat Wave has turned around and in what did her wondering eyes appear....A Witch!  A Witch?  Do you see A Witch?
A close up...a close up!  Yes we have a close up!

You know this bright orange lady wears a name tag.  I think she is going to attend the Orange Convention and she wants to make sure people can see her name!

Now, I must confess something.  I did not take any pictures of my nails with Ms Heat Wave.  My coloring was having a fight with this orange.  I did not like how my hands looked.  Ewwww!
It is a wonderful polish.  It was just the color.  Please don't call me a diva!

 Here is our Pumpkin Gutz!

Ekkkk!  PG sees that same Witch...noooo!  She just lost weight and wants to show how good her rear looks!!
Lights, camera, action!!  Here is the close up of our star!  What do you see?  That's what I thought, you see gutz!  Don't you?

You do know what Pumpkin Gutz are, don't you?

It's that slimey, gooey, sloopy, full of seeds innerds of the pumpkin!

 You can use a spoon, scraper or your tool of choice, but be warned you will get it on your hands and your nails.  Oh YES!

BUT, your nails will not be as stunning and sparkly as this!

 My fingernails are a glow just like a Jack-o-Lantern!

 Oh, now this is a good picture.  It showcases all the colors and the glitters.

 I don't know what happened to my pictures but they appear on the dark side!  The dark side of Falloween!

This does look like Pumpkin Gutz!

You can purchase Pumpkin Gutz and others that are in Enchanted Polish Falloween Collection at:
Llarowe, her shop is HERE.
Her Facebook page is HERE.

You can also purchase Enchanted Polish at Allover Beauty.
Her shop is HERE.
Her Facebook page is HERE.

Also, I believe you can purchase polish direct from Enchanted Polish.  Their Etsy shop is HERE.
Their Facebook page is HERE.

May your day and night be filled with fantastic orange glitter!


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