Sunday, October 28, 2012

Golden Years from Hare Polish!!

Ladies and Gentlemen (perhaps there's a man out there)!!

I'm again doing my magic trick!!  Hocus Pocus...Fiddle Dee Dee!!

As she pulls this Golden Years awesome bottle of glitter out of her black top hat!  It is indeed a golden glitter swimming in a gorgeous pool of blue.

Golden Years is a member of the selective  Finders Keepers:  Fall 2012 Glitter Collection by Nikole of Hare Polish.  She is described as a semi-sheer navy blue jelly packed full of gold glitter in squares and hexes in all kinds of sizes, mysterious iridescent blue glitter, navy blue hexes and delicate gold flecks.  Could you not ask for more?  WoW!  Everything that you want wrapped up in a bottle of stunning wonderness!

I debated on whether I would just apply Golden Years by itself on my nails or whether I would select a base undie that neared it's color of blue and apply Golden Years over it.  My decision was actually one that I always seem to go with.  I love the depth that an undie color polish gives.  In my mind it makes the glitter polish so luscious.

I decided to use Eloise by Julep Nail Color.  She is a gorgeous dark blue creme.  I'm very happy with this choice because it proved to be an excellent color partner with Golden Ages.  I only had to apply two coats of Eloise to be opaque.  Then I applied only one coat of Golden Ages.  Finishing with one coat of Gelous and one coat of SV topcoat.  I ended with a pure glass finish!!  Awwww!  Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

Golden Ages was a perfect application.  Her bottle burst with gorgeous glitter and the glitter flowed from her brush like a precious wine.  Yummy!!

 First, we must pay homage to our base coat color, Eloise!

You know she wears this name tag all the time.  I really think she feels people would not recognize her without it!  Isn't that a shame?
She insisted that I show you a close up so that you could see all her gorgeous blueness!

She is very pretty!

 Eloise?  I think she fits her name perfectly!

See that name tag!!  I told you she wore it all the time!

Do you think she has her hair in braids?  I do!!

This is Eloise as she comes out her front door and becomes such a beauty in the sunlight!!

 And, this is her when she goes back in.  She has shut her front door and has left us!  Oh, I hope I didn't say something to upset her!!

 Well looky here!!  It's our Golden Ages!

Supreme in her blue and royal goldness!

See her shine!  She's such an extrovert!

Whew!!  Do you see what I see?

 My camera would not capture all her awesome blueness!

 She appears somewhat darker than she is in person!

I want you to take a gander at those pieces of golden glitter!

She really sparkles!

 Golden Years?  Are you going to be blue in your Golden Years?

But yet shine like this?

Can you imagine yourself in your Golden Years?

The way the economy is going you might not have any money left when you get to your Golden Years..... :)


Do you really need money to shine?

 Well, Heck yes!!!

Well, it sure does help!

I'll be able to sell off some of my Indie limited edition polishes and live the high life!

 haha!!  You don't think so?  Well I do!

That's the reason why you should invest in this gorgeous glitter polish!!

You can purchase Golden Years by Hare Polish at Llarowe.
She also has an Etsy Shop.
Check out Nikole's Blog.
You can keep up with restocks, new creations and all those kind of goodies on her Facebook Page.
You can purchase Eloise by Julep at their  Website.
You can keep up with their current news at their Facebook Page.

May you day and night be filled with the wonder of golden glitter!!



  1. Haha! Lol, you make me smile with your fabulous post filled with such glitter-y golden goodness! Both polish's are divine but together...wowzah!

    Aysh xoxo

    1. Aysh! I'm so glad I made you smile!! What's a blog for if you can't make others put a little smile on their face. Thank you so much for your comments. I love them!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much!! I truly appreciate your comments! :-D

  3. Replies
    1. I loved Eloise. She is such a gorgeous blue!!

  4. Patty,

    Eloise was the perfect base with the other polish. I love the combination!

    Julep Maven Team
    Check out our blog:

    1. Oh!! Thank you so much Alexandria! I love Eloise! She is the perfect blue!