Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vampires Coven by Dollish Polish

Do you think this vampire beauty would wear nail polish?  Or to be specific would she wear Vampires Coven created by Dollish Polish?

Oh, most certainly she would!

So today I would love to show you Vampires Coven.  This is a gorgeous stunning polish.  Dollish Polish created this polish for her Halloween Collection.  I might say right now that this collection is simply awesome.

I decided to layer Vampires Coven over Briquette by BB Couture NailsBriquette is a stunning gray in color.  It is part of their Six Shades of Gray Collection.  My order just arrived so I had to use one of them as a base.

The application of both polishes were excellent.  I layered two coats of Briquette and two coats of Vampires Coven.  There was no digging for glitters.  All those gorgeous red glitters were willing to come out on the brush and hesitation.  I applied one coat of HK Girl as my quick drying top coat.

Have you ever been to a Vampires Coven?  Want to go now?

Let's start with Vampires Coven!

 The close up this gorgeous Halloween polish.

Here is my bottle shot of Briquette!

A close up shot of this Shades of Gray!

A picture of our combo holding hands.

Of course they are wearing their name tags.

Let me first show you how beautiful Briquette is on his own.

 He is not wearing a top coat.

Don't you think he is really handsome?

 Did you read the book Shades of Gray?

So dark and mysterious!

Here's the star of our show.

She is so stunning with gorgeous glowing red glitter.

 Oh no where did these spiders come from?

I know I'm always picture heavy on my posts.  I think it is important to see all angles of the polish, especially glitter ones.

I purchased my Vampires Coven through the Dollish Polish Shop.  If you want this gorgeous polish you can go to her Facebook Page which is HERE.  Once you are on her page just click on Dollish Polish Shop and it will take you where you want to be.  While you are there on her page it would be nice if you would show her a little love and click on her Like button.

You can purchase Briquette by BB Couture Nails at the  Overall Beauty shop.  I know this can be purchased elsewhere but I purchased mine through Kim.  While you are there check out the entire set of Six Shades of Gray.  They are all just perfect.

I will be back with another Halloween polish from an indie shop, until then.....

May your day and night be filled with awesome "blood red" glitter!

xx Patty


  1. This is a great combination! That is the perfect color for vamps lol

  2. Thank you Tuxsrina! I totally agree with you. It is the perfect color for vamps! My camera did not do this polish justice. It's so hard sometimes when the glitter is so hot!

  3. This looks simply amazing on your nails! I love how Vampires Coven can look great over practically anything!

    1. Thank you so much. I totally agree how Vampires Coven can layer over many polishes.

  4. Briquette is my favorite of that collection. I like buying from Kim, she is a sweet heart. I love this polish combination.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments. Yes, I love buying from Kim as well. Please come back and visit.