Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Xmas Wreath by Pretty & Polished!

I'm back again to share Xmas Wreath created by Chels of Pretty & Polished.  She is part of the Christmas Collection.   Chels is releasing her Christmas Collection soon at her Etsy Shop.

This special Christmas polish is actually a reformulated polish from last Christmas that Chels had made for her blogger friends.

It has a dark green base and is packed with green shreds, red hexes, and holo golden glitter.  Xmas Wreath is a spectacle of stunning green all a glow with the amazing glitters.

You will see three coats of this gorgeous polish on my nails.  I could have stopped at two, but as I have shared with you before, I'm just a three coat gal.  I did apply one coat of Gelous and one coat of Porshe' Topcoat to complete my manicure to a beautiful glossy surface.

Yay, now I'm ready to present to you!

The beautiful, and shy Xmas Wreath!  Do you know why I said she is shy?  She wouldn't let me take a picture of her rear side!  Not really!  I forgot to take it!

BUT,  I do have her name tag!  We don't want her getting lost in the mass of other wreaths!  You know how they all look a like!

She agreed to pose for her close up!

As you gaze into this wreath of green, you can see the dreams of children during this wondrous time as they wish Santa to bring their toys.  Look hard!  You can see them!

What is a Xmas Wreath?

It's a beautiful mass of greenery!

 With red and gold ornaments that glow like glitters in the light!

 It's a circle, with no beginning and no end!

 It is a true symbol of faith!

That we share with each other during the Christmas season!

They are always placed on our front doors to welcome friends and family into our home!

 Their green branches stretch out to say...come on in!

Some are glittered just like my gorgeous fingernails!

AND!  They always have a red bow attached to them!

Can you see all that as you look at my nails?  Xmas Wreath is truly a Christmas polish!!

 For more information about the Christmas Collection release date and other important things go to Pretty & Polish's Facebook Page, follow her blog HERE or visit and check out her other polishes at her Etsy Shop.

Don't forget that these polishes are Limited Edition.  If you want them, you better go get them!

I hope your day and night is filled with awesome green Xmas Wreath glitter!

♥   Patty


  1. Really beautiful polish and swatches :) Definitely reminds me of a Christmas wreath :) Ahhh I just love Christmas time :)

    1. Thank you so much Kristine. I LOVE Christmas's such a wondrous time of the year...the best!! :)

  2. this would be perfect with red bow nail decals!!

    1. Thank you Trixie! :) What a great idea!! I appreciate you sharing your idea with me! :) :)