Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lunar Eclipse by NailNation 3000

Do you love blue??  Do you love blue with glitter in it??  Then I have something for you today!!

I have a stunningly gorgeous blue glitter polish to share with you!!  This little bit of heaven was created by Maria of NailNation 3000.  I am so totally addicted to her polish creations.

She has vexed me with all her potions of polishes.  I swear she is a witch!!  I can just see the lovely Maria sitting at a huge black pot and stirring it's contents as she tosses in gems of every color and she quotes verses from her witch's manual.  OH yes!  This woman can do a lot of things all at once and she's quick too!  She creates these amazing, and I do mean amazing potions faster than a spider can weave a web.  Now that is fast!!

I have the fabulous Lunar Eclipse #15 to show you.  Maria describes the color of this gorgeous polish creation as a smokey grey tint blue base with full coverage. It has turquoise, pink and bright blue glitters spinning through-out.  She even gave it a faint holo for sheen.

I completed my manicure using three coats of Lunar Eclipse.  It was actually opaque at two coats but as I have said before I'm just a three coat gal.  I finished with one coat of Sally Hansen's Diamond Topcoat.  The formula and application was superb.  Lunar's bottle burst with glitter and the formula flowed from her brush in such a perfect manner. 

Can I tell you how much I adore this polish?  I don't think I can!!

May I present the topic of our conversation..... Lunar Eclipse #15!
She is so proud to show her backside to us!!  I believe she would even spin if I asked her to!

She adorns her gorgeous body with a diamond name tag!  Yes, I said diamond!  OK, just make believe!  :)
I have glitter literally dripping from my body now!  You see, I couldn't stop myself from diving into this luscious sea of blue!

Oh!!  Here are my beautiful fingernails!

 Just look at them babies!  I can't stop looking at them!  I was showing my husband something and was using my hands as I pointed at something on a paper.  I just just look at my beautiful hand with this gorgeous polish!!  He said I was just thinking how beautiful that polish and your nails are!!!

This color is one that others will notice immediately!!

 To see the pink, turquoise and blue glitters sparkle is just breath taking!

I know that my camera or the control that I have over my camera does not capture all her sparkle and glow!

As a holo, Lunar Eclipse looks darker sometimes and other times she looks lighter.  Don't you just love how a holo reacts to light?

She's a beauty...this one!!

 If you love blue and would love to have a little slice of heaven, than this little lady should be yours!!

You can purchase Lunar Eclipse #15 at Maria's Facebook Page NailNation3000!
Please keep in mind that her creations do sell out and they might not be available for long!
Also, she just announced that her polishes will be available for sale at Llarowe in the near future!
You will need to keep checking her Facebook Page to find out when this will happen!

May your day and night be filled with gorgeous Blue holo and glitter!


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