Monday, November 12, 2012

Holy Grail by aEngland and Elizabeth's Bad Curtains by Lacquistry Nail Polish

WOW!  Today I have a duplicate post of yesterday.  Well, maybe not a complete dupe, but I am using the same brand of polishes!

I will be showing you Holy Grail created by aEngland.  She is part of their Mythicals Collection.  Her color being a stunningly gorgeous antique gold that in my opinion leans toward the bronze spectrum of amazing glow.   As usual aEngland did not disappoint me with their superb formulation.

The next polish is Elizabeth's Bad Curtains created by Jenna of Lacquistry Nail Polish.   Per Jenna her Uncle used to have these curtains in his house that were this thick scratchy brown material with orange and yellow threads woven throughout. They were hideously Bad Curtains!

Elizabeth's Bad Curtains has a clear base with fine dark brown glitter with brown holo, sparkling orange and matte yellow mini hex.  The orange glitter glows like diamonds off my nails.
Elizabeth's Bad Curtains is named after Elizabeth Stern who was one of the winners of the Facebook "namegame" contest back in the beginning of the year.

I applied two coats of the glorious Holy Grail as a base.  Then layering only one coat of Elizabeth's Bad Curtains.  Oh! The awesome formulation of Jenna's creations!  This bottle is filled to the brim and glitter flowed from it's brush in an even and thorough coverage. I completed my manicure with one coat of Gelous and one coat of SV topcoat.

How about checking out this unique gorgeous combination?

 This is the truly amazing, Holy Grail!

And, this is her behind shot!

 Look!  There's a name tag!

 A close up of our golden bronze beauty!

My camera picked up the antique of the gold!

 Holy Grail is another chic nail look!

What is that polish you are wearing?

 That is the question you will receive when you wear this goddess!

Be prepared to shove your hand out in front of you with fingers extended!

 And, say...What?  This old polish!  Oh it's nothing!

 Nothing?  Is that what we read on her name tag?

Nooooo!  That was not her name!

Her name is Holy Grail!  And don't you forget it!

 She is a splendor of warmth!  A glowing golden bronze on your nails!

 Now it's time for our Elizabeth's Bad Curtains!

 Oh!  we can see her back side!  All you have to do is look through the window!  Peek-a-boo!

 She has her name label sewn into her hem!!  Pull the curtains away from the wall...You can see her label now!

Just glaze into those colors!  I dare you not to remember the 70's!

 These curtains do have some magical power because they turn gorgeous on your nails!

 The colors that were so popular in the 70"s are now delicious fall colors!

 They explode into orange embers that explode from your fingers!

 The dimension, the depth that has been created!

 You would never want to close these curtains!

The orange twinkling embers glow all the way across a room!

 As I was typing this my sweet hubby just said out loud....Your polish is soooo pretty!

 So expect those compliments on this awesome combination!

 It is the perfect manicure for windy, blistery fall days!
 Perhaps, as you set the table for Thanksgiving!

 As you bring that beautiful browned turkey out of the oven!

 And you bring your bounty to the table!

 And, your family catches those orange sparks as you fold your hands in thankful prayer!

So I know you want to know where you can get these famous polishes.

 Holy Grail by aEngland is sold by aEngland, HERE.
They also sell through various other shops such as Llarowe and Overall Beauty.

Elizabeth's Bad Curtains
by Jenna of Lacquistry Nail Polish is sold in her Etsy Shop.
You can keep up with her news and new creation releases at Jenna's Facebook Page.

I thank both of these Indie creators for producing excellent polishes!!

May your day and night be filled with gorgeous orange glitter!!


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