Thursday, November 8, 2012

Island of Misfit Toys by Pretty & Polished

Welcome To The "Island of Misfit Toys"

Oh!!  Do I have a wonderful surprise for you, my dear Ladies of the Nail!!

I have Island of Misfit Toys to review for you.  Island of Misfit Toys was created by Chels of Pretty & Polished.  She is part of Chels' Christmas Collection.

The Christmas Collection will be released tomorrow, Friday, November 9, 2012.  This collection is a limited edition.  So when they are....they are gone!!

I completed my manicure by first applying three coats of My Boyfriend Scales Walls by OPI.  I then layered two coats of Island of Misfit Toys.  I then applied one coat of Gelous and one coat of Porshe' top coat.

I must say that Island of Misfit Toys is the most gorgeous glitter polish that I have been introduced to.  She is a clear base with the most wondrous Christmas colored glitters. 

My nails look like a white flocked Christmas tree decorated with the most beautiful colored ornaments of the season!  G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!

I just can't wait....I must show you!! of Misfit Toys!

 May I take you on a tour to the back of the Island!

She posts her name for everyone to see!!  You know you always see those Welcome To..... signs as you enter a new town.  Well, this is her sign!

Ladies, may I recommend that you look to your right!  You will see the most glorious Christmas glittered polish!

Here is our stars of the show!

 Look at those beautiful white Christmas tree nails!!

 I'm speaking of the polish, not the nails!

 You can also see all the colors of the toys that children receive at Christmas!

What a better place for them then on your nails!

 At this special season of the year!

You can see the specialness of this one!

Can't you?

Just look at this photo!!  I hope this captures just a small speck of how she glows Christmas!

 I'm giving you my thumbs up on her!

Can you say "Gorgeous"?

This polish is the true definition of the Christmas Spirit.  She will warm your heart and you will smile every time you  look at your nails!

I'm telling you...DO NOT let Island of Misfit Toys get away!

 For more information about the Christmas Collection and other important things go to Pretty & Polish's Facebook Page, follow her blog HERE.

Most important, remember, this Christmas Collection will be available Tomorrow, Friday, November 9, 2012.  To purchase go to Pretty & Polish's Etsy Shop.

Don't forget that these polishes are Limited Edition.  If you want them, you better go get them!

I hope your day and night is filled with awesome Misfit Toys glitter!

♥   Patty


  1. That is a serious party polish :) Love it!

    1. Oh, Yes it is. You wear this polish to a party and you are guaranteed a fun time!! :)

  2. I had to come back for another vacation to the Island of Misfits :-D I just love this one sooo much!! It's very magical! I love that you did it on white too!! It really shows off the glitter :-) :-) Are you ready for llarowe's launch!! It's almost time :-) :-) Your nails look sooo Lovely, my friend!! xxxxxx

    1. Awwww! My special, special friend! I love that you came to visit and you are so very sweet to comment. I just left the launch and actually go everything I wanted. Yay!! Love ya!! xoxoxoxox