Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Choco-holo-ic and Señor Gappy by NailNation 3000

Today is another NailNation 3000 day!

I'm going to share Choco-holo-ic and Señor Gappy with you!!  These are two more polishes from the lovely Maria at NailNation 3000.

Choco-holo-ic is such a milky rich brown holo.  She looks just like chocolate milk with diamonds in it.  She shimmers and she shines in all her brown holo-i-ness.  If you love brown, you will fall in love with this stunningly gorgeous milk chocolate holo polish!

Señor Grappy is another rich chocolate brown polish.  This wonder is another chocolate lovers dream.  To make this polish extra special Maria created it with real 24k gold leaf and red glitters.  Maria added a little more than 8 sheets of gold leaf in this single pour batch that she created.  That means that there's gold in each bottle.  WoW!!  

Señor Grappy can be layered on it's own or you could wear it over a darker colored base polish to create more depth.  Maria shared a little secret that if you shake the bottle a little for less gold leaf or a little more for extra gold leaf.  This is such an awesome and fun polish!!

I completed my manicure by layering three coats of Señor Grappy by itself on all my fingernails with the exception of my ring finger.  On my ring finger fingernail I applied three coats of the lovely
Choco-holo-ic.  You must try the formulation of these polishes.  I can not say enough about the easy applications.  I completed my manicure with only one coat of Sally Hansen's Diamond Topcoat.

Also, I should add that Maria made just a very limited stock of Señor Grappy!!  So buyer's alert here!!

Here they are!  It's Choco-holo-ic on the left and Señor Grappy on the right!

Oh no!!  They're showing their backsides!

Check out their gorgeous close up shot!

Wow!  Take a look at Choco-holo-ic!!  She's showing off a little bit!  She just can't help herself!

 The first thing I want to add is that Señor Grappy is just soooo much more in person!

 Her red glitter and gold leaf shards just glow!!

 I would have polished my accent nail in Maria's Fierce #5 which is an awesome red holo polish if I had it at the time of my manicure!

The red would have picked up the red in Señor Grappy!

I do have an order placed for Fierce #5 as we speak!

 But hey, not to take anything away from Choco-holo-ic!

A gorgeous brown with a gorgeous brown!!  What more could you ask for?

I am drawn toward brown!  I can't help myself!

It produces the most gorgeous manicures of all!!  

You can purchase Choco-holo-ic and Señor Grappy at Maria's Facebook Page NailNation3000!
Please keep in mind that her creations do sell out and they might not be available for long!
Also, she just announced that her polishes will be available for sale at Llarowe in the near future!
You will need to keep checking her Facebook Page to find out when this will happen!

May your day and night be filled with gorgeous holo and glitter!


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