Thursday, November 15, 2012

Disciplined by Cult Nails and King of Carat Flowers by Hare Polish

I love grey nail polishes!!  For some reason this color just calls to me.  I was so delighted when I received my nail mail haul on Tuesday.  The post person brought my order from Hare Polish and The Back Door Collection from Cult Nails.

I was so surprised that Disciplined by Cult Nails and King of Carat Flowers totally matched each other.  They are both a grey lover's dream!

Disciplined is a gorgeous grey jelly based polish with purple shimmer glitter.  I would call her a grey goddess!!  You will fall in love with this awesome polish.

King of Carat Flowers is part of The Finder's Keepers: Fall 2012 Collection created by Hare Polish. She is a light-medium grey jelly.  The bottle is jam packed full of gold and iridescent lilac glitter in both hexes and squares.   This is such a gorgeous and unique glitter bomb.

I completed by manicure by applying three coats of Disciplined with only one coat of King of Carat Flowers.  I then added one coat of Gelous and one coat of Porshe' topcoat.  Application of both polishes was fantastic.  Each are made of such awesome formulations.

I would love to show you the combination of these two polishes.....Come on....Take my hand....and we will continue!!

 May I introduce you to Disciplined!

 This is her side-back view!!  Since she had tattoo's all over her back I had to show you her side!  Don't you think it's a beautiful side?

 Here is her label!  I have heard that she is very Disciplined!

 Can you see her rosy purple glow?  It comes from within!

Oh!!  Just look at this gorgeous stunning grey!

 Can you see her glow?  She isn't even wearing a topcoat!

I admire her so much that she is so Disciplined!

She is what I am not!  I am not Disciplined!

 Especially when it comes to nail polish!

 When I see gorgeous polish like Disciplined!

  All of my will power goes out the window!  I believe that is the window in my sun room!  Why that window?  That's where I sit and do all my damage!

When I'm on my computer all these polishes seem to jump into their carts and wha-la they arrive at my front door!

Tell me!  Are you Disciplined?  haha!

 Oh Look!  It's our King of Carat Flowers!

I love her rear shot because she has her name tag plastered right there on her behind!

 Stare right into that close up!!  She looks more lilac than grey.  It's because of her glow!!

 Here is our duo of greys!!  Look at all their beauty!

It was hard for my camera to capture all the beautiful glow that pops off this polish!

 Such a gorgeous lilac and gold sparkle coming from the dove grey!

 It is a shame when something has so much beauty that it just cannot be captured!

 I love the name of this polish!

King of Carat Flowers?  Do you know what this name means?

I do not!

 She is part of The Finder's Keepers Collection!

Which is a special collection in itself!

Her brothers and sisters in the collection are all unique in their own amazing luster!

 People will ask what you have on your nails!

 They have me!

When you tell them her name, they will think that her name is very special.  Very special, indeed!

Now, I know that you love this combination.  You probably love it more if you are a grey lover, like myself.  So I'm including the vital information on where you can purchase these polishes.

Disciplined by Cult Nails can be purchased at her Website Store.
You can keep up with all the current news at her Facebook Page.
Cult Nails can also be purchased at Overall Beauty.

You can purchase King of Carat Flowers by Hare Polish at Llarowe.
She also has an Etsy Shop.
Check out Nikole's Blog.
You can keep up with restocks, new creations and all those kind of goodies on her Facebook Page.
May you day and night be filled with the wonder of grey glitter!!


  1. Love this, Patty!!! I adore this polish, soooo much!! I can't remember if I need to thin mine or not. But I do believe that this polish looks really good on you!!! Love your mani, as always, my friend!!! xxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you so much!!! I fell in love with Disciplined. It is an absolute gorgeous shimmer!! Then King of Carat Flowers matched it perfectly. You are the best!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much my friend!! I truly loved these two together!!