Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dragon by aEngland & Midnight in Schuman Forest by Lacquistry!

I have two gorgeous creations to share with you today my friends!

I combined their glory together to produce an outstandingly stunning combination.

First I have Dragon by aEngland.  This polish is so chic.  If you ever want to just stand out and say I have style then you definitely need Dragon in your stash. 

He has been described as:  Like sunlight glinting off his iridescent mossy green scales, the fearsome Dragon lays basking arrogantly, awaiting his due.  How can you beat that?

In my manicure I choose Dragon to be my base coat.  I applied just two coats.  This polish is so rich and wonderful that I could have gotten off just applying one coat.  You just can't go wrong with the the aEngland formulations.  They truly are the best out there.

Next I layered the next polish.  This is another outstanding formulation of glitters.  I have never had the pleasure of owning a polish created by Jenna of Lacquistry.  I now own three!!  The one I choose to layer over Dragon is Midnight in Schuman Forest.  Ohmygoodness!!  Per JennaMidnight in Schuman Forest was inspired by starlit woodlands bathed in moonlight. In a clear base we have deep navy for the night sky, a tiny bit of brown mini hex for the tree trunks, olive green for the darkened tree tops, and tiny bits of silver for the starlight.   This polish was named after Jennifer Schuman who was a winner of the Facebook "namegame" contest back in the beginning of the year.

I'm sure after reading both descriptions you now understand how I just had to combine these unique and one of a kind polishes.

Le me show you something wondrous!

What can I say?  Here is Dragon!

He did agree to show his backside.....but, I don't know what he did with his tail!

Mr Dragon was also nice enough to wear his name tag!!  I asked him if Dragon was a nick-name!!

Here is a close up of his green scales!  Do you see the golden sun bursting off him?

Oh, He is a lovely!!

I wasn't just kidding when I said he is gorgeous!

 And stunning!

And such a chic green!

 He is a understatement of green!

 People are going to stop you on the street and ask you what type of Dragon that you're wearing!

I wonder if this magic Dragon lived by the sea and frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee!

I bet he played with Puff and Little Jackie Paper!!  Don't you?

 This is....Midnight in Schuman Forest!!

I did have a little difficulty in shotting his back side mainly because it was so big!!

 A close up....Can you see those gorgeous trees in the midnight sky?

 He did have his name sign right at the beginning of the forest.  You know all good forests do have names and name plates!!

Look at them!!  They were made for each other!

 OK!!  Now for you to see this beautiful combination in work!!

The depth of the forest is beyond words!

I think if you look real close you can see Mr Dragon playing with Puff and Little Jackie Paper!

I wonder where Schuman Forest is located...Oh yes!  In the Land of Honah Lee!!

Have you ever seen such beauty as this forest?


 I've been avoiding this, but you know one grey night it happened, Jackie paper came no more, and  the mighty Dragon, he ceased his fearless roar.

 A Dragon lives forever but not so little boys.   Painted wings and giant rings make way for other toys.

The Dragon bent his head in sorrow, green scales fell like rain!

Without his life-long friend, he could not be brave!

So mighty Dragon sadly slipped into his cave. oh! 

So I know you want to know where you can get these famous polishes.

Dragon by aEngland is sold by aEngland, HERE.
They also sell through various other shops such as Llarowe and Overall Beauty.

Midnight in Schuman Forest by Jenna of Lacquistry Nail Polish is sold in her Etsy Shop.
You can keep up with her news and new creation releases at Jenna's Facebook Page.

I thank both of these Indie creators for producing excellent polishes!!

May your day and night be filled with gorgeous green glitter!!



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