Friday, November 9, 2012

Love Always, Candy Cain by Pretty & Polished

I'm sad to say that this is my last review of Pretty & Polished Christmas Collection for 2012.  I suppose every party must have an ending.  As usual, I'm the last to leave!

Although this is my last polish, it certainly is not the lest! 

I have Love Always, Candy Cain created by Chels of Pretty & Polished.  OH!  She is a beauty, this one!  Ms Cain is clear based and is packed full of red and white glitters.  It has red hearts, various sizes of red glitter in shards, hexes and shimmers.  To be quite unique it has two sizes of white hex glitters. 

Love Always, Candy Cain should definitely be on your purchase list.  AND, speaking of purchase, you can go right NOW, yes I said right NOW to Pretty & Polished Etsy Shop.

I'll wait until you get back to continue!  No!

I completed my manicure by first applying two coats of My Boyfriend Scales Walls by OPI on all my nails with the exception of my ring finger.  I decided to apply two coats of Happy Holodays Ruby on my ring finger as an accent.  I did this so that you could see Ms Cain on a red and what better red to use than RubyRuby is actually one half of a duo.  This duo being Happy Holodays Duo by Pretty & Polished and is also part of her Christmas Collection.  I then layered about two coats of Love Always, Candy Cain.  Completing my manicure with one coat of Glitter Food by Nail Pattern Boldness, one coat of Gelous and one coat of SV top coat.  The application of Ms Cain was an easy process considering she is full of large pieced glitter.  I do want to add that none of these glitters curled.  They all laid completely flat on my nails.  Pretty easy peasey!

Come with me!  I have something quite beautiful to show you!  Come on!

OH!  Sweet Candy Land!  We have our Love Always, Candy Cain visiting today!

Here's her little peppermint behind shot!  Love it!
 Our little Ms Cain is showing off her name tag!!  If you think she loves you always..she doesn't!  The little fickle mint loves everyone!

 Take a look at this fun close up.  We did have her in make-up for three hours!

Hail, Hail, The gangs all here!  You know they say it takes a village!  I say it takes three polishes!

 Look at this red and white explosion of color!

Isn't she so refreshing?  Refreshing...get it?  :)

 I'm telling you, I would hang these on my Christmas tree!

You know they fill in the bare spots and make your tree look nice and full!

You could even make a gorgeous Christmas arrangement with this one!

I wanted to bring to your attention how gorgeous Ms Candy Cain looks on RubyRuby has a red that is just different enough that Candy stands out!

You have to watch out because she can get rather sticky!

 When you unwrap her!  Unwrap her?  Will what did you think she is?

 Ladies, her name is Candy Cain!

 Think about that for a moment!!!

Now, remember if you haven't gone yet, it's now time to go get your Candy!!  She, along with the other members of the Christmas Collection are now at Pretty & Polished Etsy Shop.

Remember these are Limited Edition!  LE means when they are gone...they are gone!!

 For more information about the Christmas Collection and other important things go to Pretty & Polish's Facebook Page, follow her blog HERE.

I hope your day and night is filled with awesome Candy Cain glitter!

♥   Patty


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    1. Thanks so much. It was a fun mani!! You are so sweet to comment!!

  2. I nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award,i truly love how much effort you put into each post. xx

    1. Thank you SO much, Kate. I truly appreciate that!! I would love to receive the Award. ~Hugs~