Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Holodays Duo by Pretty & Polished!

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!
Every Where We Go!

I thought maybe you would want to listen to Johnny Mathis and get in the glow of Christmas while you check out what I have to show you today.

I have the Happy Holodays Duo created by Chels of Pretty & PolishedChels is releasing her Christmas Collection soon at her Etsy Shop.

This duo consists of Ruby and Glitter TopperRuby is just that, an awesome Ruby red shimmer.  Glitter Topper is a Christmas glow of stunning red and green glitters in a clear base.

I created my manicure by first applying Ruby as a base.  I layered three coats.  Ruby, after my first coat became rather thick and difficult to apply.  As I began my second coat I noticed the polish became thicker so I added SV Polish Thinner.  Adding the thinner made the rest of my second coat and third coat much easier.  Ruby was just a little difficult to apply but her outcome is just gorgeous.  I then layered two coats of Glitter Topper.  She was just perfect, with glitter flowing from the brush in perfection.  I completed my swatch with one coat of Gelous and and one coat of Porshe' topcoat.

This Duo applied and layered together became Christmas on my nails! 

The red and green glitters glow like coals that spark and bounce off my nails....absolutely gorgeous!

This Duo would definitely be my choice to wear on Christmas Day or to Christmas parties that I will be attending during this wondrous season.

I am pleased to introduce this fabulous duo to you!

 First is Ruby!

 Here is her little backside!  She diets, you know!

 Here, I present her name to you!!  This makes sure that you know she is the real thing!

And, we have her close up!  My camera shows her a much lighter than she really blushes.  Look to the bottle pictures to see her true color.

Happy Holodays!

Ruby, the red nosed reindeer!

Had a very shiny glow!

And if you ever saw her!

You can see her at my show!

 All of the reindeer loved her!

 As she shouted out with glee!

I am the fabulous Ruby, the  red side of Holodays Duo.....and I'll go down in history!!

And, This is our sparkling lil baby!  Glitter Topper!

It's time for her to shake those gorgeous glitter tail feathers!!

She wears her name tag proudly.  Can you believe she wanted it actually etched into the glass of the bottle.  We said no because what if she gets married?

 Close up....Close up!  Can you see anything wrong with these red and green glitters.  Of course you can't!!

 Now, we're onto the glittery portion of our show!!  Now, do not scream or.....You will wake the sleeping babies!  :)

I would like to explain to you how gorgeous this combination is really.  My camera just could not do her justice.

You can not cage up the light that flows from you fingernails!

Spontaneous Combustion is what occurs!

 You just can't help but full in love with this gorgeous Duo!

You need it for the Christmas season.  Just picture your nails, painted with this combination!  Oh yes!  I just heard your heart jump!

You want her!  You need her!

You ARE in love with her!

 Don't hate her because she is so beautiful!

 You know,  I mentioned how much I love this!

 Now, Do you think I would steer you wrong?

My steering is only pointed at awesome polishes.

Look, I even have a two finger salute!!  It's soooooo pretty!!

Just remember Christmas is going to be here soon!

You will be needing your Christmas bling!

 And that means if you don't buy this duo, then.......Well. I hate to tell you but you will have nothing to wear to the ball!

I don't know about you, but it seems every time I need my Fairy Grandmother.  She is off taking care of one of my cousins.  I call her cell and she just will not pick up.....So!

I have to take things into my own hands and make myself into the most beautifuss at the Ball!
And the this nail polish...Oh Yeah!

For more information about the Christmas Collection release date and other important things go to Pretty & Polish's Facebook Page, follow her blog HERE or visit and check out her other polishes at her etsy store.

Don't forget that these polishes are Limited Edition.  If you want them, you better go get them!

I hope that you day and night are filled with awesome Happy Holodays glitter!



  1. I Love your mani!!! Christmas steals my heart. every year!! ANd oh how I love Rudolph soo!!!! WHat a fun xmas mani, my Dear! I love this! and it looks so beautiful, all together on your nails!!!

    1. Awww! Thank you so much, my friend, for taking the time to look at my post!! You are the sweetest!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. I'm so glad you like this one!! It is going to be one of my favorite Christmas manis. Thank you so!! :)