Monday, November 19, 2012

Fiddlesticks from butterLONDON's Holiday Collection

I have a very special polish to share with you today!!

It is Fiddlesticks from the Holiday Collection created by butterLONDON.

I immediately fell in love with this AH-mazing polish.  Fiddlesticks is a full coverage, semi-matte, magenta glitter suspended in a raspberry base.

I completed my manicure with applying two coats of the awesome Fiddlesticks.  She does dry semi-matte.  I then applied one coat of Porshe' top coat.  You do not get the full effect of the intense glow of the magenta glitter until you apply the top coat.  It just came alive with the red embers burning and sending sparks off my nails.

Fiddlesticks is a perfect Holiday nail color!!  Perfect for parties as well as every day wear.  That is if you are a "lady of the glitter" and can stand the sparks.  It will definitely turn your day from gloomy to bright.  Your nails will become the attention of all and yourself as you will not be able to stop looking at your hands.

Well, Are you ready to see her?  Let's go!!

Aww!  Gee it's Fiddlesticks!

This is the condensed version of her!!  Here we have her side view and her close up!  She had tattoo's on her that was a shot I know you wouldn't like!!

 Of course we do have her name tag!!  Well, wouldn't you wear your name tag if your name was Fiddlesticks?

My first shot of her is in the sun light!  I want you to see her at her best!

Some of my pictures are just to capture her color!

 And others to allow you to see her glow!

Oh!  Yes!  Lean forward...a little closer...closer!  Now can you see her magenta glitter floating around in that raspberry jam?

 She is gorgeous!!

Look at her glow!!  I know she exfoliates to get this shine!

 She must because you cannot get this kind of luster with it!

Ohmygoodness!!  Check this one out!  Her bottle is even shinning!

 Do you like raspberries?

 They are a favorite of mine!

I like them especially when they are squished on your nails!

Would you wear this goddess to a Holiday party?

If you do be prepared to receive many compliments!

You can always say...These ole raspberries, I've had them for ages!!

So let's take care of some housekeeping issues.  Which would be where you can purchase Fiddlesticks!

You can purchase Fiddlesticks as well as the other gorgeous polishes that are in the Holiday Collection at butterLONDON.
You can read all about their updates and new releases at their Facebook Page.

May your day and night be filled with stunning gorgeous raspberry glitter!



  1. How Beautiful this polish is!!! I love Fiddlesticks!!! By the way, this polish looks AhMazing on you, my Dear :-D Love LOve LOVE this color!!! Gorgeous mani, too, my friend :-) :-) xxxxxxxx

    1. Awww! I'm so happy that you like this gorgeous raspberry mani. Fiddlesticks is just SO special!! She's almost as awesome as you are my friend. :) Love ya!!