Monday, February 25, 2013

Arms and Armory x Cirque Introduces “Alter Ego” Collaboration

New York based artisans, Arms and Armory and Cirque teamed up and created a unique project called Alter Ego, a special edition ring and nail polish duo.  the set was released December 3, 2012 and can be purchased through the Arms and Armory and Cirque websites.

Alter Ego is a collaboration that features an art deco-inspired ring, designed by Arms and Armory, and a cosmic black nail lacquer, handmade by Cirque.  The gunmetal-plated ring has an adjustable band that can fit a range of sizes and boasts a black enamel triangle in the center.  It is paired with this nontraditional black polish that displays a bold prismatic flame when exposed to direct lighting.

Arms and Armory, as described by them, is a New York-based art collective specializing in hand crafted jewelry. Inspired by old mythology, science history and magic, Arms and Armory blends the ideas of the future with styles of the past to create beautiful works of wearable art.

Cirque is an artisan's line of hand-blended nail polish made in New York.  The name Cirque, meaning ring or circle, represents the color wheel and the endless color possibilities in the continuum.  Creator, Annie Pham, sought to develop colors that transcend those of conventional brands by experimenting with unique pigments and raw materials.  

I completed my manicure with just two coats of this fabulous formulation and applied one coat of Porshe' top coat.  Gorgeous!!!

I'm in love with this unique ring and nail polish!! 

Here is our Alter Ego!!

 Can you catch a glimpse at the ring??

 Oh yes just a little peek!!

Ummmm!  Not quite yet!!

I think we are getting closer!!

 THERE she is!!

 Peek-a-boo on my thumb!!

 She's chic!!  How awesome is that with the ring and nails??  Quite!!

 I think she has left the building!!  She is allowing the nails to get some attention!!

 Most definitely!!

My most favorite black in the world!!
I must share with you right now that Cirque is one of my top favorite polish lines.  I just love each and every color that Annie creates!!  They are all awesome!!

This Alter Ego set can only be found at: and
You can purchase ALL of Annie's amazing polishes at the Cirque Webstore!
You can also purchase the polish line at:
Be sure you check out the Cirque Facebook Page to keep current of all their important information!
May your day and night be filled with gorgeous glitter!! 

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