Friday, March 15, 2013

Nail Polish and A Gift Package From an Angel

Have you ever received a gift package from an angel??  I have and I would love to share with you what I received and the angel that sent it.

I'm sure you all have meet several people and friends through Facebook.  This is how I meet my angel.  She is Michelle Travis of the famous and fabulous Mimi Manicures.  As I browsed daily through Facebook I was attracted to these nail art masterpieces that were created by Mimi.  At first I just looked at them and they left me in awe.  I knew I must make a comment and tell this artist how outstanding her nail art affected me.  At the same time Mimi was making beautiful comments on my nail swatching posts.  She is the most unselfish individual!  She made me feel like my swatches were actually beautiful and that they actually meant something to someone out in the Facebook Land.  Our comments lead to a beautiful friendship.  This is a friendship that scans all the way across the world.  My Mimi lives in England and I live in the United States but that does not stop our hearts from this fabulous friend relationship.

Mimi is such a special giving person.  She asked if she could send me a package of nail polish and goodies from England.  It took quite a while but she finally broke me down to agree that she could send the gift to me.

The package arrived from heaven (England) sent by my precious angel Mimi the other day.  It was a day that was a struggle for me...just one of those difficult days we all have had from time to time.  It was the best day in time for her gifts to arrive.  Arrive they did!!  What a splendid gift it was!!  I have photos below to share with you.  Generous is not the word to describe what she sent!!  The only thing that is missing from the photos is the delicious chocolate bars that she included.  I have already ate them!!  LOL

I couldn't wait to mani up the polishes that Mimi sent to me.  It was like ....which one of you beauties want to be first?  For some reason Kabaret by Nails Inc jumped up at me.  It is truly an outstanding dark blue polish.  I am deeply in love with Kabaret and Nails Inc now.....gorgeous with a capital G!!

I could go on and on about my friend and angel Mimi.  I would like to remind everyone that is in the my nail polish world to take the time to "like" and comment on swatches that you love.  You will make someone feel very good about their own work and you just might be lucky like me and find a wonderful fabulous my angel Mimi!!

Just look at what I received from my Mimi...everything wrapped up in a gorgeous silver bag.  Plus remember I already ate my chocolate...yummy!!

Here are the Nails Inc that she sent.  These were my first...and what better first than to be in different blues...I love blue!!  OH!  be sure to check out the gorgeous heart compact that contains a mirror inside!!

THEN, the gorgeous pastels of Barry M, One the the new OPI Euro's and then NYC glitters.  These are my first NYC as well!!

Take a look at these tweezers!!  She's a lady!!  I LOVE these to cute!!

Here is the stunning Kabaret!!

 She is a fabulous blue!!

Kabaret is my new love in blue!!

Thank you..Thank you..Thank you to my precious friend, Mimi!!

You warm my heart with your friendship!!

Patty  xxxxxxx


  1. Awwww Patty, as i read this i beam with pride at my beautiful sister. We are both very lucky to have you as our friend and i know how special you are to mimi ( and myself)! Im so happy you like the polishes, And i look forward to seeing your swatches. Baker street is absolutely stunning!! Lots of love xxx

    1. I adore you my precious Zoe. Thank you so much for your sweet words!! My thoughts were to swatch Baker Street next and so that's what it will be. I'm going to be posting twice tomorrow. I added a gorgeous holo polish over kabaret tonight and then a post for Baker Street. I am now a total fan of nails inc thanks to my angel, Mimi. Love ya lots xxxxx

  2. She is such a lovely lady I follow her her nails are amazing. I have started to follow you too your nails are amazing and so is your heart

  3. patty this really did make my night last night and I wanted to say a big thank you so writing such a beautiful post. You are such a lovely lovely lady who makes me smile daily. I love ya patty very much!! shamon and rosemary thank you guys so much...I am so lucky to have awesome ladies in my life! xxxxxxx