Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jupiter Aurora by Coco Allure over Kabaret by Nails Inc

While I'm still bathing in the beauty of Kabaret by Nails Inc I just couldn't remove it from my nails without taking advantage of it.  I do that to my nail polishes!! LOL

I recently made my first purchase with Coco Allure Nail Polish.  I choose Juniper Aurora which is a multi chromatic glitter nail polish with fine color shifting glitter. The color shift is amazingly gorgeous, shifting from green, to teal, then purple, and even burgundy and hints of copper!

This, my friends is a stunning combination...a match made in polish heaven!!  The gorgeous navy blue of Kabaret adds just one more delicious color to the mix!!

I applied two coats of Juniper Aurora over Kabaret.  I actually could have completed my manicure with just one coat and it would have been awesome but I'm that kind of girl that more is always better so the additional coat was added.  One coat of Porshe' top coat was added to finish.

I think you are going to enjoy this stunning rainbow effect!!

 This is our rainbow little lady, Jupiter Aurora!

 I wonder if we can find a pot of gold at the end of this beauty?

 I think the pot of gold just might be our nails as the color is transferred from the bottle to our nails!

 I told you it was stunning!!

It is amazing!!  You will love this polish!!

The Coco Allure polishes are available directly from their Etsy Store. 
Coco Allure Nail Polish also have their own Facebook Page where you can keep current with all new releases and restocks.
Llarowe will also be selling this polish line in the near future.  You will need to check their Facebook page to find out the launch date.
I wish that your day and night are filled with wondrous glitter!

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  1. wow I love this so much my beautiful patty! beautiful as always! xxxxx