Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rainbow Honey's Be Mine and xoxo from the Sweet Talk Collection

Do you know I love you?  I do!!  I always get a little lovey and lovable around this time of year!!  That's because it's almost Valentine's Day.  Oh, yes it is!!

To celebrate this love day of the year I ordered the Sweet Talk Collection from Rainbow Honey.  It arrived yesterday.  WOW!!  The three polishes in the collection are stunningly gorgeous.  I am in love with this "love day" set.

First we need to discuss packaging.  Rainbow Honey is recognized for the outstanding way they package their polishes.  They go out of their way to create packaging that is totally unique.  It seems as if each collection arrives in packaging to out shine the last.  This new collection for Valentine's Day, the Sweet Talk Collection arrived in the cutest box that held the other boxes of polish.

Now we can discuss the two polishes I selected to do this first post.  They are Be Mine and xoxoBe Mine is an awesome pink.  As described by Rainbow Honey, a lovely kiss of pink on your nails with a dusting of microshimmer and gold flakes.  She is a superb, lady-like pink that is a true beauty on her own.  xoxo is an outstanding red glitter polish.  As described by Rainbow Honey, a ravishing blend of glitters and flakes in a clear base for easy use over any manicure.  Simply gorgeous!!

I completed my manicure by applying three coats of Be Mine.  I found that I need to add a small amount of polish thinner to this rather thick polish to make my application easier.  Once I added the thinner I had no problems.  I then applied two coats of xoxo.  My nails looked beautiful after just one coat but I added the second to add more glitter because I'm a glitter girl.   I finished my manicure with one coat of Gelous and one coat of Porshe' top coat.  Smooth as glass!!  The ending to a perfect manicure.

Won't you be my Valentine?  I hope you will be mine after you see the following gorgeous photos!!

 LOOK at this box!!

Here I am.....Won't you "Be Mine"??

 If you will I'll show you my most gorgeous pink shimmer tush!!!

Her name may not be on a candy heart, BUT it most definitely is worn by this Valentine's pink nail polish!!
If you look real close you can see my glamorous gold flakies just spinning around!!

Just check out this ravishing pink color!!

 I am in love with this perfect pink!!

You do not have glitter running through your veins if you have not fallen in love with this pink!!

 It's the closest to heaven I have been in a long time!!

Are you hearing the angels sing??

I realize I am posting a large number of photos on this post.  I just could not narrow it down just to show you a few.  Be Mine needs to be seen at all angles!

You must agree that this is the perfect pink!!

She is just soooo pretty!!

Oh!  What is this?  Another box!

Now, I have xoxo  to share with you!

  She is so proud to display her red dazzling rear shot with you!

 And she wears it well!!

 Now on to her close-up.  She's a jewel...she glows like a brilliant ruby!!

These two polishes go together like chocolates and roses!!

 Like a ruby ring with ruby earrings!!

She dazzles like the most beautiful Valentine card you can find!!

She's like strawberries and champagne!!

She's like cream and coffee!!

xoxo  goes to the extreme in her glow....gorgeous!!

Can you see you shine in this photo?

 This is the most perfect manicure to wear for Valentine's Day!!

All angles, remember??

I do LOVE these two together.  My camera does not do her justice nor does it pick up on the stunning contract between pink and the hot glow of red!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!

Pssst!  I have one more of the Sweet Talk Collection to swatch.  It is Sweet Talk.  I will be back tomorrow to show her off.

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As always, May your day and night be filled with with the most awesome glitter!

Won't you be my Valentine??

xoxo  Patty

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