Monday, February 4, 2013

Rainbow Honey's Sweet Talk from the Sweet Talk Collection

I'm back!!  I have the last polish creation from Rainbow Honey's the Sweet Talk Collection.

This is "Sweet Talk"!!  If you would like to read my first blog post and for the swatches of the other two polishes that are part of this collection,  Be Mine and xoxo, you can click here

I will just tease you a bit and not show the elegant packaging for this outstanding collection.  You will need to click above which will take you to the pictures of how this collection would arrive at your door step if you ordered it.  If you have heard about Rainbow Honey before than you have heard of their awesome polishes as well as their packaging.

Sweet Talk is a white jelly formula with various sized pastel glitters.  Imagine, if you will,  that someone smashed Valentine heart candy into pieces and added them to a gorgeous white creme.  The end result is the smashing (no pun intended) Sweet Talk.

I completed my manicure by applying three coats of Sweet Talk, then one coat of Gelous and one coat of Porshe' top coat.  This created a delicious creamy white finish with glamorous bits of matte pastel glitter.  Just completely stunning!!

Let's open our Valentine and see what is inside!!

Well, look at this packaging!!

And, this is what is inside.....the awesome Sweet Talk!

Awwww, just look at her rear shot.  She is a beauty!

I love this that her name tag includes her weight!  What a thing to do!  I would never put my weight on my name tag...nope, nope, nope!!

Close-up!!!  Dive into this sea of white creme!!

 Looks delicious!

 When you wear this polish, someone will look at your nails and see the candy hearts!

 But they will not be able to read the cute little sayings!

Tell them to read between the lines or colors!!

Look real close and you can read them!

 I'm in love with this polish creation!

 Pretty....I'm so pretty!!

Oh look!!  My nails are posing with the box!!

 My nails are totally in love with Rainbow Honey's packaging!

So have you decided which one of the polishes in this collection you will wear on Valentine's Day??

I still haven't decided which one I will wear.

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As always, May your day and night be filled with with the most awesome glitter!

Won't you be my Valentine??

xoxo Patty


  1. these are seriously stunning swatches patty! the colour is divine on you, so much love to you my beauty xxxx

    1. To hear from you makes my day all worth it. You are such a lovely person!! Love ya lots!!! xxxxx

  2. What a beauty ! This one is my favorite of the collection, so sweet.