Friday, February 8, 2013

Cape Liz and xx of Cirque

Hello Everyone!!  I'm so happy that Friday has finally rolled around!

I'm am so thrilled with the polish that I'm going to share with you today that I think I'm going to dedicate this day as "National Glitter Day".  You will understand why when you look at my swatches.

I selected Cape Liz and XX of the Objet d'Art Collection by Cirque to share with you today.  I love Cirque nail polishes.  They are all truly awesome.

Cape Liz is a ravishing beauty!!  Cirque describes Cape Liz as a moody light blue with multi-dimensional shimmer.  Her moodiness plays in color as a grey which creates a stunning grey/blue hue.

XX is all about glitter.  She is the reason I called today National Glitter Day.  XX is a rainbow glitter polish made with over 20 different types of holographic particles all swimming in a clear base.  This glitter polish is outstanding!  I believe this is the most sparkling glitter polish I have ever used.  The glow will actually blind you.  I am talking gorgeous with a capital G!

I completed my manicure with three coats of Cape Liz and one coat of XX.  I then added one coat of Gelous and one coat of Porshe' top coat.  Magnificent!!

Here we go!!

 Cape Liz, she is such a stunning beauty!

Now, here comes our XX!

 Can you see now why I say it's National Glitter Day??

You can purchase Cape Liz and XX at the Cirque Webstore!
You can also purchase the polish line at:

Be sure you check out their Facebook Page to keep current of all their important information!

May your day and night be filled with gorgeous glitter!!


  1. wowzz!!! these are both gorgeous on their own as well as combined together!!

    1. Yes, they most definitely are both gorgeous on their own. I just love Cirque!! Thanks so much for your comment!! <3

  2. simply stunning with a capital S!!! i love the way you describe these to honey...your amazing! xxxx

    1. Thank you so much my lovely Mimi!! You are the master and I love it when you comment!! xxxxx

  3. Awesome pics; stunning polish!! <3

    1. Thank you so much!! It is so much more gorgeous than my camera could capture. I love it!!