Monday, December 31, 2012

Swatches of Berry-eed Treasure and Peacock Squawk by Naild' It Unique Nail Polish

The lovely Andrea of Naild' It Unique Nail Polish sent me four of your fabulous polish creations to swatch and review.  I have already reviewed Olympic Flame HERE and Reindeer Poo-f HERE.

My swatches and review today will consist of the other two polishes I received which are Berry-eed Treasure and Peacock Squawk.

I'll first start with  Berry-eed Treasure.  I really love this unique gorgeous glitter polish creation.  Berry-eed consists of black, white, turquoise and magenta matte glitters with a hint of micro holo magenta/purple in a clear base.  I selected Fab-A-Doodle #854 created by Maria of NailNation 3000 as a base polish for Berry-ed Treasure.  The colors complimented each other with just enough contract to show off the amazing glitters.

Next, I have Peacock Squawk.  What a delicious glitter creation.  Peacock Squawk is a polish Andrea created for her original Farmland CollectionAndrea grew up on a farm and dedicated the Farmland Collection to her animal friends.  Peacock Squawk consists of a light lavender-grey slightly shimmered polish base.  The bottle is filled to it's brim with various sizes and shapes of blue, purple and green glitters.  I selected SpellBound #851, again by Maria of NailNation 3000.   The combination of these two polishes were quite surprising.  SpellBound is a purple/blue and darker than Peacock and brought out more of the grey in Peacock.  All-in-all the finished product was gorgeous.  I chose to layer Peacock Squawk but it could definitely be used by itself.

Berry-eed Treasure and Peacock Squawk are not new releases.  They are part of Andrea's tried and true collection or I should I say oldies but goodies!!

My swatches were completed by applying two coats of of my base polishes.  Berry-eed Treasure and Peacock Squawk required just one coat.  Both were finished with one coat of Gelous and one coat of Porshe' top coat.  

I'm sure you are going to fall in love with these glitter polish creations.

Hello!!  It's Berry-eed Treasure!!

Look at that cute little backside!!

Gosh, I had to un-berry her name tag!!

Look close!!  See what gorgeous glitter you can find!!

 My nails are nothing but fabulous, dahlings!!

I give to you an out-of-focus shot so that you may see the sparkle!!

  Can see why I love this Treasure???

Now, it's Peacock Squawk!!

She has such a shiny backside!!

I had to talk her into wearing her name tag!!

Can you see all the gorgeous colors in her tail feathers?

Yes, she is starting to strut her stuff!

 As she struts she starts to flair that beautiful tail!

 Your nails will definitely sparkle like a peacock's feathers!

 She has that same sheen and glow just like the wondrous peacock!!

Can you love more than one?  Of course!!

 Berry-eed Treasure, Peacock Squawk and all Naild'It Unique Nail Polish inventory can be purchased through several shops now as Andrea has expanded her selling platform.

You can purchase her creations at:
Her Etsy Shop
Overall Beauty
Mei Mei Signatures

Check out her restock schedule, new creations and all the good things on her Facebook page.

You can purchase Fab-A-Doodle #854, SpellBound #851 and all her other stunning polish creations at Maria's Facebook Page NailNation3000!
Please keep in mind that her creations do sell out and they might not be available for long!
Also, her polishes are available for sale at Llarowe!

I would like to close by thanking Andrea of Naild' It Unique Nail Polish for allowing me the privilege of swatching and reviewing her creations!!

May your day and night be filled with the most awesome NEW YEAR glitter!


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