Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fierce #5 and Naughty Or Nice? by NailNation 3000

Happy Wednesday!!  I love Wednesdays also known as Hump Day.  It's the middle day of the week and you know that you have at least made it this far and chances are you will make the rest of the week!!

On this happy Wednesday I have two extremely gorgeous holo polish creations to share with you.

You are really going to enjoy these swatches, not because of my photos, not because of what I have to say, but the polishes themselves.

They are Naughty or Nice? #39 and Fierce #5 created by the lovely Maria of NailNation 3000.

Naughty or Nice is a triple silver holo.  Maria added red and holo glitters to add the Naughty or Nice element to it.  I have to say that this is a very special polish creation.  She is not only unique, she is gorgeous with her holo effect glow.  Per Maria this is only a 2012 version and next year's formula will be very different.  Please think about this as you look at my photos.  If you want Naughty or Nice? you should pick it up soon.  Don't let her get away!!

Fierce #5 is just that!!  She's a fierce awesome red and totally lives up to her name. 
Fierce is a ruby red glitter holo polish.  She is stunning!  I'm not sure how many bottles Maria made up of Fierce or if she has plans to make more of her.  I know red is a very hard color to stabilize in a holo formula.
She is a must have!!

I completed my manicure with applying three coats of Naughty or Nice? on all my nails with the exception of my ring finger.  On my ring finger I applied three coats of Fierce #5.  Ending with only one coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top CoatMaria's formulas are just amazing.  She is a genius and creates the best polish that is made.  I so enjoy just the application of these polishes.  They produce a perfect manicure!

OK my friends,  I need to take you on a trip of the light fantastic!  Just follow the holo nail glow!!

 Here are our stars!!  The are Fierce #5 and Naughty or Nice? #39!

 These gorgeous ladies had no problem showing off their rears!!  Well, would you if you looked this fabulous?

I didn't even have to use special lighting or a focus lens for their close.  Natural beauties!

They wear their name tags with privilege!  The privilege of being created and named by Maria!

 Now hold on to your hats!

They are stunning!

They are gorgeous!

OH!  They are the holo-ness of all!

 If you cannot see the glow of my nails.....well, then put your glasses on because honey, you are blind!

So, have you been Naughty or Nice this year?

Me?  I guess you could say I've been a little Naughty over this past year!

 Ask my hubby!  He will tell you...Naughty, she's been Naughty!

 I try I really do try to be good!

 But have you ever tried to be good?

I mean really good?

I will say I'm going to be good, AND not buy excessive amounts of nail polish!

I really mean it when I say that I will cut back!

But, you tell me, how can I be good when I see polish creations like these gorgeous polishes!
I'm Naughty and I can't help it!!!

You can purchase Fierce #5 and Naughty or Nice? #39 at Maria's Facebook Page NailNation3000!
Please keep in mind that her creations do sell out and they might not be available for long!
Also, her polishes will be available for sale at Llarowe in the near future!
You will need to keep checking her Facebook Page to find out when this will happen!

May your day and night be filled with gorgeous NailNation 3000 holo and glitter!



  1. Your nails look fab, dahling, but are you ok? You haven't posted in almost 2 weeks! Very un Patty like & I'm worried about you. Be well!

    1. You are so sweet my dear Inky!!! I truly appreciate you checking on me. I really haven't been up to my blogging as the activity of the season has kept been busy in other areas of my life. You know sometimes when you do not hear from others in this fabulous blog world you do not think that you will be missed. Thank you for missing me my friend!! I will be back as quick as possible. (((Hugs)))

    2. You're part of my daily blog hop, so yeah I noticed! lol I'm just glad you're busy & not ill or anything bad. Tis the season of chaos!