Friday, December 28, 2012

Fabulous Nail Mail......Priti NYC Polish

I have some fabulous nail mail to share with you today!

Have you heard of Priti NYC Polish?  I hadn't before, that is until I found their website and decided that their polishes looked awesome and I definitely needed to try them out.  I ordered their Priti Hollywood Vixen Kit which consists of four of their Christmas 2012 Collection polishes.  Then I ordered a single bottle of Tulip Tree Teal because I love gorgeous teals.

I was delighted when they arrived at my front door yesterday.  I was not in the least bit disappointed.  They are gorgeous and I can't wait to order more of their polish creations.

This is the beautiful box the Priti Hollywood Vixen Kit came in!

The Hollywood Vixen Kit consisted of the four polishes on the left side.  I purchased Tulip Tree Teal by itself (not in a kit).

As you can see these are gorgeous polish creations!!

 I LOVE them!!

Here are their name tags!!

They are (l to r) Brussel's Lace, Black Moon Pansies (swoon), Mulberry Jam, Tuscany Superb and Tulip Tree Teal!
And, here is the backside of these beauties!!

You can purchase these polishes and more at Priti NYC Polish web store!
Also make sure you check out their Facebook Page!
Read their blog HERE!

I know I'm going back for more!!!  The selection of color is beyond my comprehension!!

May your day and night be filled with the most colorful and gorgeous glitter!


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