Sunday, December 2, 2012

Peacock Park by Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam

My nail polish friends!!  Are you in for something special this afternoon!!

Do you love glitter?  Do you love peacock blue?  Ohhhh!  Then you're going to love this!

I have one of the most stunning, awesome and gorgeous peacock blue glitter polish to share!!

It is Peacock Park created by the most lovely Pam of Whimsical Nail Polish by PamPeacock Park is one of her brand new releases from her, Eight Whimsical Nights, Holiday 2012 Collection.

This my friends, is the most gorgeous peacock blue glitter polish that I own.  She has the most wonderful sheer peacock blue base with the same color of fine and round glitter.  You can apply three coats of this polish to a gorgeous opaque surface.  You could also do as I decided on and apply a base polish and layer Peacock Park over it.

I completed my manicure by applying three coats of Aqua Lily created by Rescue Beauty LoungeAqua Lily is an absolute lush and gorgeous turquoise creme polish.  I just reviewed  Aqua Lily in my last blog post.  You can read about and see her pictures HERE.

I then applied two coats of Peacock Park.  Then I added one coat of Gelous and one coat of H K Girl Topcoat by Glisten & Glow.  I could have finished my manicure with only one coat of topcoat.  Peacock Park's glitter is that superb and outstanding.  It lies perfectly flat and was not a thirsty glitter at all.

Since I'm having a hard time trying to tell you of her beauty, I will just have to show you!!! 

 Here is our lovely Peacock Plaza!

I asked her if we could take a rear shot!!

 And, of course we would need a close up shot as well!

Do you know what she said to me?

She said that she would be "proud as a peacock"!

You know this color just screams a glorious peacock color!

 It's bright, it's vibrant and it's gorgeous!

 I can share with you that when you wear this polish!

I can almost guarantee it!

That you will strut like a proud peacock!

 You'll be wearing this fantastic creation!

 Can you feel it coming on you?

You will feel this little tingling in your rear area!

 Yes, even in the dark you will be able to see and feel this sensation come upon you!

 What is happening?  Why we are shaking our tail feathers!!  Oh yeah!  :-)

You can purchase Aqua Lily by Rescue Beauty Lounge at her Shop.
Check out her Facebook Page for updates!
You can purchase Peacock Plaza as well as the rest of the gorgeous Eight Whimsical Nights Collection at Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam on her Facebook Page

I hope your day and night are filled with the most sparkling glitter of the season!
And, remember ladies......shake those tail feathers!!!

♥  Patty

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