Thursday, December 20, 2012

Olympic Flame by Naild' It Unique Nail Polish

The lovely Andrea of Naild' It Unique Nail Polish sent me four of her gorgeous polish creations to review and swatch.  I decided to donate an individual blog post for each of these polishes.

As you know, if you have read my blog posts before that I always share the polish that I have selected as a base coat or undie.  I feel as if my post is not complete unless I show both polishes that create my manicure.  So with this said, I will continue.

My first review will consist of Olympic Flame by Andrea of Naild' It Unique Nail Polish.  This polish can be worn by itself, with two to three coats making it opaque.  Although I choose to layer it over another polish.

I know this is not a brand new release from Andrea, but I believe that it is a new formulation.  This polish is truly gorgeous.  If you want to talk about sparkle!!  Wow!!  She is a glowing ember of gold with the color of the Olympics thrown in to enhance her beauty.  My nails appear as if gems of those dedicated colors are swimming in a sea of gold.
You will not be disappointed my ladies!!

I choose Lime Light #411 by Maria of NailNation 3000 as a base polish under Olympic FlameLime Light is a stunningly gorgeous green holographic polish.  I knew at once that these two were heavenly together.

I completed my manicure by applying three coats of Lime Light and only one coat of Olympic Flame.  Ending with one coat of Gelous and one coat of Porshe' Topcoat.  I tell you, I had absolutely no problems with application of either polish.  Maria of NailNation 3000 creates the most outstanding holo formulations I have ever used.  Olympic Flame by Andrea of Naild' It.  Awe, I kiss my fingers and blow kisses to this fabulous glitter creation.  The bottle burst with glitter and flowed from it's brush to a magnificent finish.

I can't wait to show you....Let's go!!!

Here is Olympic Flame!

 She is very proud to show you her backside!  It glows!!

Name tag?  Yes, she wears one!

 Her close-up is a stunning 10!!!

 Just a tad out of focus so that you can see her brilliant sparkle!!

Check out her colors...they swim amid the gold!

She's showing off her green side from her base, Lime Light in this one!!

 What a superb combination of colors!!

 Another slightly out of focus!!  WOW!!

 Love, love, love this!!!

This is our base, Lime Light #411!!!

This photo is showing her a little on the dark side!!

Her name says it all!!  Don't you think?

 She wears her holo well!!

Can you see why I selected this one??

She's a fabulous beauty of glorious green!!

Are you green with envy??  You should be!!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous combination!!!

Olympic Flame and all Naild'It Unique Nail Polish inventory can be purchased through several shops now as Andrea has expanded her selling platform.

You can purchase her creations at:
Her Etsy Shop
Overall Beauty
Mei Mei Signatures

Check out her restock schedule, new creations and all the good things on her Facebook page.

You can purchase Lime Light #411 and all her other stunning polish creations at Maria's Facebook Page NailNation3000!
Please keep in mind that her creations do sell out and they might not be available for long!
Also, her polishes are available for sale at Llarowe!

May your day and night be filled with gorgeous holo and glitter!


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