Monday, December 3, 2012

Chilled Down by Dandy Nails

Hello Friends!!

Today I have for you Chilled Down created by Sandy of Dandy Nails.

I purchased four of Dandy Nails' Winter Collection polishes and they arrived the other day.  I am very impressed by the polishes that I received.   Each is more gorgeous than the next!

Chilled Down is an off-white base, which appears to me as a real light milky grey.  Blue and gold glitter flakes spin perfectly through this luscious base.

I completed my manicure by applying three coats of Chilled Down for opacity.  As I stated before I'm just a three coat gal, but I could have stopped at two coats for this beauty to look gorgeous.  I ended my manicure by applying just one coat of Porshe' Topcoat.  It dried to a stunningly explosion of gold and blue embers that spark off my nails!

Are you ready to see her?

 Hello there Chilled Down!

Oh!  You're going to show me your side view!

Just take a gander at those blue and gold jewels in that milky sea!

 I don't think I mentioned how unique she is!

She radiates the warmth of winter!

 This is the most perfect neutral!

But, she has a naughty side!

You just can't glow like her and be innocent!

You will fool people too when you wear this one!

They will want to come closer to you to search for that golden beam you are projecting!

Golden beam?

Yes, that golden beam that Chilled Down gives off but also that naught side of you!  You know you have one!!

You can purchase Chilled Down and her other polish creations from Dandy Nails Etsy Shop!
You can check at all her updates and goodies at her Facebook Page!

May your day and night be filled with gorgeous (yes, you know what I'm going to say) blue and gold glitter!!




  1. Wow, that's a great polish. I'm heading to her etsy page now.

    1. This creation is just so unique, gorgeous and special. You most definitely should go get it. You will not be sorry!! <3

  2. I just noticde how long your nails are getting, gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much, my Inky friend!! Actually this swatch was done on my right hand and my nails are just a tad bit longer than my left hand nails. You are very observant!!! :)