Thursday, September 6, 2012

Witches Gone Wild by Utopia's Polish

Ladies of The Nails,

I would like to introduce you to Witches Gone Wild by Utopia's Polish.  This polish is from her Halloween Collection.  I purchased four polishes from this collection, but I couldn't resist the pink color.   I'll show you pictures of the other three colors at the end of my review.

Witches Gone Wild is a jelly based polish with purple and pink glitters.   To me it produces a more of a matte finish.  I enjoyed working with this polish as application was easy-peasey.  The end product is just so lovely and fun.  I really love it.  I applied only two coats of this polish as it covered very nice.

As a first I started this manicure off with an application of Elmer's Glue instead of my normal base coat.  I was so surprised at how even the coat of glue was on my nails.  I thought that it would have a lumpy result.  All you have to do is let it dry completely.  Of course I haven't tried to remove my polish, but I'm hoping it will be an easy removal.

I applied Orbit by Picture Polish on my ring fingers as a contrast.  Picture Polish sure creates a fabulous polish.  This was an excellent application.  I did end up three coats to satisfy my three coat syndrome.  I have just always thought three coast and I"m fine.

So, let's get on our brooms and awaaaay we go!!

Look at that cute label.  It has a little fairy on hanging on her U.

 Here's the gorgeous back view.  Cute behind, isn't it?

 This is the awesome Orbit!

 Nice view of the side bottle.

 OK!  Now here are the swatching pictures!

WOW!  That was a lot of pictures.  I didn't want to bore you, but I like to take several at different angles.  Then I have a hard time deciding which to use.  So, I just put them ALL up.

Below you will find pictures of all the polishes I purchased from Utopia's Polish.

I'm sure you will agree with me on how unique and amazing these polishes are.

Don't you like shots of rear ends?

AND, last but not the polishes on swatched on practice nails.  These actually only had one coat or application of polish.

This was my first purchase from Utopia's Polish.  I will be going back as a repeat customer.  You can place your orders at her Etsy shop HERE.  She also can be followed on Facebook HERE.  When you check out her Facebook please remember to give her a little love by clicking on her "Like" button.  I thank you for that.

On Orbit by Picture Polish.  You can purchase this polish at Llarowe and Overall Beauty in the USA.

I hope you enjoyed our witchy boom ride for today.

May your day be filled with glitter.  xoxo


  1. Utoh! I know I was supposed to be looking at the polish but I got distracted by your long nails,tdf! I think these polishes are all so gorgeous. Love those bottle shots.

    1. Thank you so much for your compliment on my nails, but did you see my pointer finger nail? I broke it way past the quick in the upper nail and it has taken fooorever for it to grow out.
      I truly appreciate your kind comments. :)

  2. I love your nails and those Utopia polishes look amazing!!

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer. I was just over at your fabulous blog and fell in LOVE with your post on Elevation Polish. You did a gorgeous job.
      I truly appreciate your kind comments.

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    1. I just returned from entering your giveaway. Thank you so much for informing me about.
      I appreciate your comment and please come back.