Friday, September 28, 2012

Falling For You by Sparkle Nail Lacquer (Part 3 of 3)

Don't you just love the Fall Season?  There is nothing more gorgeous than those colorful falling leafs.

The above falling leafs were brought to you by Spindale, North Carolina and Frankfort, Kentucky trees.

My falling leafs are being brought to you via our fingernail polish of the day Falling For You by Jenn of Sparkle Nail Lacquer.  

My nails look just like they have fallen leafs on them.  My manicure is just stunning and so appropriate for the fall season.  This is when my nail polish addiction is so much fun.  Who would have thunk that we can adorn our nails to celebrate everything?

Falling For You is a clear based polish with fine sparkle orange glitter, small brown hex glitter, small light green matte hex, square yellow matte glitter and red bars.   This is a great polish to apply on top of a contrasting base coat.

I applied Falling for You over Don't Talk Bach To Me by OPI.  I really enjoyed this combination and I know that you would too!  This application was easy peasy.  There was no diving into the pile of raked leafs (that would be the bottle) to get more on my brush....Oh I mean my rake!  :)

I would suggest that you consider this look for Thanksgiving.  Gorgeous!!!

So would you like to help rake these awesome we go!

Can you see those multi-colored gorgeous leafs?

I applied one heavy coat of Falling For You over Don't Talk Bach To Me.


Well, OK!  We just went through North Carolina and Kentucky.  I hope you enjoyed your tour of Falling For You.

Don't forget you can purchase this crispy fall polish on Jenn's Etsy shop, Sparkle Nail Lacquer.  All you have to do is click right HERE.

I've had a beautiful time swatching and reviewing Jenn's creations.   This is my third and final day.  

Thank you so much Jenn!

May your day and night be filled with the wonder of glitter!



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