Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blue Man Goop by Naild'It Unique Nail Polish

Do You remember these men?  They are blue!

Do you remember their song?

I remember them!  They were cool!

Andrea from Naild'It Unique Nail Polish must remember them too because she created a fabulous nail polish.  She named it Blue Man Goop.  It is a really stunning blue jelly with fushia or purple glitters in it.  Awe, I love this polish.  I applied it by itself in three (3) coats.  You could only apply two (2) coats and the polish would look lovely.  I just always like three (3) coats.  I do enjoy the depth of the color in the additional coat. The fushia glitter is just perfect for the blue.   The application was flawless.  Each coat went on like a dream.  I did not have to go digging for my glitters.  They removed themselves evenly from the bottle on the brush.

I forgot to tell y'all that I have been using Elmer's School Glue as a base coat for my last three (3) manicures.  It has made my glittered nail polish so simple to remove.  It is amazing to see how easy and evenly the application is on my nails.  I will be using this method as long as I wear glittered nail polish.  Also I have been using HK Girl topcoat by Glisten and Glow on my Hocus Bogus manicure as well as this one.

 Let me now introduce you to Blue Man Goop:  

Here he his in all his bottle glory!

His rear photo!

A very stunning close up shot!

His name tag!

I forgot to take my thumb ring off!  Whoops!

Stunning blue fingers with sparkling fushia glitter!

 Little angle shot this way.....

And that way!

A little closer that way!

You got to love this blue!

A little closer!

And..... What?  Another shot.  So you can see it!

Coming in from the bottom!

OK!  Now, my loves you should go to Andrea's Etsy shop to purchase this adorable polish.  You love blue and fushia (pink).  It's gorgeous and you know it.  If Andrea"s shop Naild'It Unique Nail Polish is on vacation then you need to go to her Facebook page.  She keeps us updated there.

I thank you for your time.  I would love to hear your comments.

May you days and nights be full of glitter!!  <3

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