Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hollywood Gold Star by Sparkle Nail Lacquer (Part 2 of 3)

Today we have Part 2 of 3 on my reviews of Jenn's Etsy shop, Sparkle Nail Lacquer.

Do you have any idea of what the name of this gorgeous polish?  Let's see....hmmmmm from the picture above, I would say it is.  What?  Hollywood Gold Star Yes that's her name and she sure lives up to it in all her goldenness.  She's a star alright.

As Jenn states, Hollywood Gold Star is in a gold shimmer base with fine holo gold hex, gold holo stars, large gold hex, gold bars and gold shreds.

I applied HGS over Belgian Chocolate by gGal Polish, a gorgeous metallic brown.  This combination did not disappoint me.  It is stunning!  Stunning, I say!  The application of HGS was a dream.  I did not have to go digging for my golden rewards.   The one and only problem that I did incur was that the large gold hex curled a bit on me.  You can overcome this by pressing them down at application.  This would not stop me from loving and re-wearing this gorgeous golden goddess.  I ended my manicure with just only one coat of SV.

Well, I think it's time we go to Hollywood and see this star of a polish.  Come on!!

 Can you see those fabulous gold stars?

 OMG!  Look at that star in all it's goldenness!!

On to the gorgeous brown polish I used as the base.

Oh, and her we go!!


 Just a little thumb shot!

So how did you enjoy your trip?  I LOVED Hollywood Gold Star....beautiful!!  It is so eye catching!!  My husband asked me what I had on my nails that sparkled so much.   I do believe he loves the bling as much as I do.

You will not be disappointed if you purchase this goldenness.  It almost makes me feel like I should have a Hollywood Star in my name.  Well, hey, if Kim Kardashian thinks that she deserves one I certainly deserve one as well.  Don't you agree?

To get your gold on go to Jenn's Etsy shop, Sparkle Nail Lacquer.  Just click HERE.

You should also purchase that gorgeous Belgian Chocolate by gGal Polish.  I purchased mine from Polish Ninja.  Just click HERE for her shop.

You know you need to get both of these wonderful, beautiful and stunning polishes to complete my manicure.

I hope your day and night is filled with golden glitter!

I will see you tomorrow for our Part 3 on Sparkle Nail Lacquer.  In the mean time until we're together again think of "Falling For You"!

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