Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chaos & Crocodiles, Rainbow Polish and Pomegranate = Gorgeous

Hi my  Nail Ladies!

I am reviewing four (4) gorgeous and absolutely stunning polishes today.  I know that you will agree with me that I ended up with a perfect manicure for this fall season.  Different and beautiful glitters make this one of my most favorite swatches I have done.  I'm sorry if you get tired of me using the word "gorgeous".   I will apologize up front, however sometimes there are no other adjectives to express or explain how to you how I feel.

Do you want to know more about it?

First I'll share the undies or base coat polishes I selected.  The first one is Sea Glass by Chaos & Crocodiles Sea Glass is a turquoise creme polish that has glass-fleck shimmer and very fine glitter that shifts between gold, green, and blue.   This turquoise is so gorgeous.  The application was fantastic.  This definitely is my go to turquoise.  I just LOVE it.

The second polish that I used as an undie is Autumnesque by Pomegranate Nail Lacquer.  This is an awesome copper polish with golden shimmer that reflects russet leaves, apple cider, and all that is best about fall.  The application was easy and covered in two coats.  I am truly impressed by the beauty of this polish.

OK, let's talk about Rainbow Polish.  I just received my order of her glitter top coats.   I could not resist their beauty and had to use them right away.   Let's discuss Havasu.  WOW!  This polish was created with  burnt orange hexes, gold hex & square glitters, teal blue hex glitter, and smaller teal and blue glitter in a clear suspension base.   I applied this beauty over Sea Glass.  Loved it!!

The other color I used was Pheasant.  Awwwww, the gorgeous Pheasant!  This does resemble the beautiful bird.  This polish contains small gold glitter, teal glitters, copper glitter, and a sprinkling of large red hex glitter in a clear suspension base.  I applied Pheasant over Autumnesque.  Can you spell "Gorgeous" with a capital G?

In my pictures you will see the result of two coats of undie or base coat polishes and only one coat of the glitters.  Sea Glass with Havasu is on my ring finger and Autumnesque with Pheasant is on all my other fingers.  I applied two coats of HK Girl Fast Drying Clear Top Coat.

Here we go!  Hold on to your hats!

 These are the polishes that were used!

Here are Autumnesque and Sea Glass!  

Now I ask you.  Didn't I tell you they were Gorgeous?

Don't hate them because they are beautiful!!

Now, we add the bling!!

Havasu over Sea Glass on my ring finger

Can you see the beauty?  My camera is not picking up the glitter shimmer supreme!

Holding the Autumnesque!

Here is some close up views for your enjoyment!

The three finger salute with Pheasant.

Two finger under the Pheasant bottle!

Nail to the bottle view on Pheasant!

And, last but not least!  Nail to the bottle view on Havasu!

Now I ask you.  You love them don't you?  You want them don't you?  Well, I'm sure you can have them.  Let's discuss where and how, OK?

You can purchase Sea Glass by Choas & Crocodiles at her Etsy shop HERE.  Also don't forget that she has a Facebook page HERE.  It would be nice while you're there for your visit to click on that "Like" button.

You can purchase Autumnesque by Pomegranate Nail Lacquer.  Their shop is HERE and their Facebook page is HERE.

You can purchase Havasu and Pheasant by Rainbow Polish at her Etsy shop HERE.  She has a Facebook page HERE.  Don't forget to "Like" her page as well.

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed my gorgeous Fall manicure.  You should go and buy these.  I would not steer you wrong.

May your day and night be filled with awesome glitter!

Until later....xoxo


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