Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DARK LOVE by Sparkle Nail Lacquer

Today we are going to take a look at a new Etsy shop, Sparkle Nail Lacquer.  Jennifer Surgent-Gieger  is the owner and creator of these fabulous polishes.

Jennifer is really sweet and sent me three of her polishes to swatch and review.
At first I thought I would post all three together but then I changed my mind and decided I would dedicate a post a day for them.
I will start with Dark Love.  As Jenn describes that LOVE can be dark and mysterious.  This polish, in a clear base, is a custom blend of fine pink holo hex, fine charcoal hex, large holo light pink hex, holo pink hearts, and black hearts.

I have shown this stunning polish applied on top of I ♥ Rock & Roll by Takko Lacquer. This is a mysterious blackened red polish.  I thought it would go perfect with Dark Love, which it is!!  The only problem is that it only reads black after the application of Dark Love.
I enjoyed working with this polish.  My only suggestion would be is to allow drying time between applications.  This is recommended to minimize bare spots.

May you enjoy the mystery of love!


Well, that my friends is a pictorial of Dark Love.  It is a gorgeous stunning pink and black glitter clear based polish.  To be honest my photos did not do justice to this mysterious creation.  Sometimes it it just hard to capture all that sparkle.

You can purchase Dark Love at Jenn's new Etsy shop, Sparkle Nail Lacquer HERE.  Her personal FB page is under her name Jennifer Surgent-Gieger.

I also need to add that the gorgeous I ♥ Rock & Roll by Takko Lacquer at her Etsy shop HERE.  I know her polishes are sold almost as fast as she puts them up.  To my knowledge Takko does not belong to FB.  You can keep current with her through her Etsy shop.

I want to thank Jenn for allowing me to review her creations.  I'll have her Hollywood Gold Star tomorrow on my blog.

You need to go to her shop and check out what she has available.  She has a fabulous inventory to make your selection.

I will see you tomorrow.  May you day and night be filled with beautiful glitter!!



  1. I love this!! Your nails are so pretty - Love your blog :)

    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate your comments! :)