Friday, January 25, 2013

Uranus by Kelara Lacquers

Today I have a brand new indie polish to show you.  It is the premiere showing of Kelara Lacquers on my blog.

Kelara Lacquers is a new line of 3-free, animal friendly nail polish and brain child of future husband and wife team Kellen Scott & Tara Jobe.
I stumbled across their Etsy shop as I was browsing in search of new indie polish creators.  I immediately feel in love with the awesome colors and glitter polish of their line.   Believe me I was not disappointed in the lest when my order arrived.  They are absolutely gorgeous.

I soon discovered that Tara is a Hoosier too.  Which of course gives her a golden star with me!!

On my first blog post I selected Uranus to swatch and review.  It was a very hard decision to decide which polish I would try first.  However, since I am a dedicated lover of turquoise or blue-green (whatever your premise) polishes, I went for Uranus.   She is a stunning holographic micro glitter.  Uranus is part of their Planetary Collection.  As Tara descibes the collection as taking you out of
this world to bring you colors that reflect the appearance of the planets (and our favorite dwarf planet) in the solar system. 
I completed my manicure by applying two coats of Uranus with one coat of HK Girl Top Coat by Glisten & Glow.
I am in love with this one!!
Hello there you gorgeous hunk of a planet, Uranus!

  She is very anxious to show you here rear shot as it's all a glow!

 AND, her close-up shot!
 This is her fantastic name tag!

Nails bottle!

 Can you spell gorgeous?

Ooooops!  Now where did that bottle go?

 Don't you think she just brightens up my post?

Ohmygoodness!!  Uranus is such a beauty!  She is out of this world!

You can purchase Uranus as well as Kelara Lacquers' other colors of the Planet Collection at their Etsy Shop plus there are other gorgeous polish collections to check out in their Store!  This is their brand new website store and it needs your love!!

Please be sure to check out their Facebook Page to keep current of all their activities and announcements!

You all need to come back to see what Kelara polish I select for my next post!!

May your day and night be filled with gorgeous Kelara polishes!

♥   Patty

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