Thursday, January 10, 2013

Swatches of Cosmos by Picture Polish

My post today is on the most beautiful blue polish I have ever seen or worn.  It is Cosmos by Picture Polish.  It was actually created by Camille, the owner of Pshiiit Boutique. 

Cosmos is an awesome dark to medium blue jelly.  The bottle is packed full of holographic glitter in various shapes and sizes.  This my Lovelies is the most perfect blue glitter polish on earth.

Please allow me to share with you how Cosmos came into my life.  I won her!!  Yes!  I won her!!  You see my favorite nail store is Llarowe which is owned by Leah Ann.  I order from her QUITE frequently.  Well anyway, she has an on going wonderful giveaway named "The Golden Ticket".  Leah Ann inserts this ticket into a lucky person's order delivery box.  My order arrived and I was in the process of opening the box when I spied something that glittered.  I thought to myself what could that be!!!  Yay!!!  It was the great "Golden Ticket".  I being, considered unlucky when it comes to giveaways was totally blown away.   This meant that I would be able to select ANY polish that Llarowe carried in their inventory.  What a wonderful gift!!

Just the day before I had seen an awesome blog post and swatches of Cosmos by the lovely and so talented Mimi Manicures.  From her gorgeous manicure I knew immediately that I just had to have this blue polish.


When I won "The Golden Ticket" guess what polish I choose as my gift?  You betcha!!  It was Cosmos.

I truly want to thank Leah Ann for her generous giveaway which allowed Cosmos to come into my world.  As a thank you I would like to dedicate my swatch photos to her.

Please let me share these swatches with you!!

 Yummy, Yummy Blue!!

 Se wanted to show her side view to you.  Why?  Because she has writing all over that great backside.
You see, she's really into tattoos.

As you can paper name tags for her!!  She has her name tattooed right on her bottle!

 Just look at that awesome blue sea of glitter!



Picture heavy??  Yes!!  But you can never get enough of this stunning polish!!!  More is always better...especially when we're talking about glitter!!

If I were you I'd run, not walk to Leah Ann's shop Llarowe.  While you're there be sure to check out all her other polishes from all over the world.  Plus, you might even win a "Golden Ticket"! 

Availability of Picture Polish nail polishes:
Direct from Picture Polish, however they suggest that you purchase from your closet etailer shop.  Here are those shops:

May your day and night be filled with the most awesome Cosmos blue glitter!
Thank you again to the most lovely Leah Ann!!!


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